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MAY 2010

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The Impact of the CSU on California

Dr. Mildred García, president of CSU Dominguez Hills, with students from her campus.

Dr. Mildred García, president of CSU Dominguez Hills, with students from her campus.

The CSU released this week a report showing how much of an economic, technological, social and environmental impact the CSU makes statewide.

The report, Working for California: The Impact of the California State University System, underscores that the dynamic, knowledge-based economy that California enjoys can be directly tied to the investment in world-class public higher education.

Among the major benefits of the 23 California State University campuses is the creation of a prepared workforce in the industries that move California, supporting job creation, and reducing unemployment.

According to the report, the California unemployment rate for individuals with only a high school diploma is twice that of four-year college graduates.

"Access to college is the key to better jobs, higher wages and a brighter future," said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed.  "We know that students educated at our university not only improve their own condition but that of their families and the community around them."

The majority of degrees awarded to underrepresented students attending California colleges and universities are conferred by the CSU. The report shows that the CSU percentage of degrees awarded is 60 percent for Filipinos, 56 percent for Latinos, 49 percent for African Americans, 44 percent for Native Americans, and 34 percent for Asian/Pacific Islander students.

CSU campuses return to the economy $5.43 for every dollar the state invests in the system.

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