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Issue #45 DECEMBER, 2013

World’s Largest Pre-College Science Competition To Be Hosted in Los Angeles
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Participants from nearly 70 countries are expected to compete in the Intel ISEF student science fair to take place May 11-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Competitors are usually students in the ninth to twelfth grades who have already won local, regional, state and national competitions in their countries.

The science fair offers students the opportunity to develop projects, compete with students from other countries and win thousands of dollars for college scholarships.

Learn more about the Intel ISEF science fair and about how to volunteer as a judge or interpreter during the 2014 Intel ISEF Science Fair in Los Angeles.

campaign for college oppourtunity

African American College Achievement Gap Persists
in California

The State of Blacks in Higher Education in California, a study conducted by the College Opportunity Campaign, offers a demographic overview of the African American population in the state and shows that the African American educational gaps are not closing and that in some cases have worsened.

pdficon_large.gif Read the Full Report pdficon_large.gif Download the Infographic  pdficon_large.gif Download the Social Media Toolkit 

Danny Glover

CSU San Marcos Presents American Indian Film Festival

The California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center at CSU San Marcos presented a film festival featuring American Indian lives, efforts for language revitalization and preservation of natural and cultural resources.

The festival, held Nov. 21-23, presented the finest work produced by American Indian filmmakers, producers, directors and actors. Notable guests and screenings included actor Kimberly Norris Guerrero ("The Cherokee Word for Water"), actor Danny Glover ("Chasing Shakespeare") and a special presentation of "Star Wars: Episode IV—A New Hope" in the Navajo language.

AAPI Students

AAPI Families Are Invited to Journey to Success EXPO at Cal Poly Pomona, Feb. 15

Asian American and Pacific Islander families are welcome to the Journey to Success EXPO at Cal Poly Pomona on Saturday, Feb. 15.

Participants will receive information about how to become ready for college, how to apply for admission to the CSU and how to apply for financial aid to pay for college.

The event is part of the CSU Asian American and Pacific Islander Initiative.

Register here.


Churches and CSU Campuses Gear Up for Super Sunday

Congregations of more than 100 predominantly African American churches will hear the CSU college message, as part of CSU Super Sunday, a systemwide effort to inform communities about the opportunities to earn a college degree In California.

CSU campus presidents, trustees, the chancellor and other higher education officials will speak from the pulpit about college readiness and the possibilities for obtaining college financial aid.

Super Sunday, now on its ninth year, is the flagship event of the CSU African American Initiative, which focuses on closing the college achievement gap for African American students.

Learn more about the CSU African American Initiative.

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Cal State Los Angeles to Host College Financial Aid Workshops

California State University, Los Angeles will offer 15 free workshops about college financial aid, during January and February.

At the workshops participants will learn how to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Workshops have been scheduled between Jan. 14 and Feb. 27, so that participants are prepared to submit their FAFSA application form prior to the March 3 deadline. Applications submitted after this date will be considered only if there are funds remaining.

Workshops will be held in the University Student Union. Students and their families are encouraged to attend.


February 15
Journey to Success
Asian American & Pacific Islander College Information Day

February 16
CSU Super Sunday
Northern California

February 23
CSU Super Sunday
Southern California

March 3
FAFSA deadline

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