The California State University Employee Update
Thursday, May 26, 2011

CSU Leaders Advocate Against Further Budget Cuts

California State University Chancellor Charles B. Reed and more than a dozen CSU presidents and their delegations met with Gov. Jerry Brown Tuesday to advocate against further cuts to the CSU’s budget.

The governor and legislature have already approved a budget that will reduce the CSU’s funding by $500 million for the 2011-12 fiscal year. The CSU could face double that amount if the governor's proposal to extend several taxes, which depends on a bipartisan vote of the legislature and is subject to final approval by the state’s voters, is rejected.

"We want to do everything we can to get those four votes to extend these revenues,” Reed said referring to the four Republican votes needed for the bipartisan approval. “We will keep working toward that goal."

The CSU will manage the $500 million budget reduction by enrolling 10,000 fewer students this fall, applying an estimated $146 million in revenue from a tuition fee increase already approved, reducing campus budgets by $281 million and the Chancellor's Office budget by nearly $11 million.

Earlier this month, the CSU outlined a contingency plan to address the potential $1 billion budget cut that includes "wait listing" applications for winter and spring 2012 and a possible additional tuition fee increase of up to 32 percent. CSU estimates it could turn away 20,000 qualified applicants who would otherwise enroll for the winter/spring 2012 terms. More information.

CSU Recognized by Legislature for 50th Anniversary

The CSU was honored Monday when the state Assembly and Senate presented resolutions recognizing the CSU for 50 years of education and service.

Presented by Assembly Members Marty Block and Ricardo Lara in the Assembly and Senator Alan Lowenthal in the Senate, the resolutions commend the invaluable contributions the CSU has made to students and to the state. Several Assembly Members and Senators voiced their support during the resolution presentation ceremonies. At the Senate session, CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed accepted the resolution, saying, “We look forward to your continued support of the CSU so we can enroll students and help create jobs in California.”

During its 50 years, the CSU has awarded more than 2.6 million degrees to graduates, including many remarkable alumni who are making a difference in the lives of the people of California and the world. The Working for California display outside the governor’s office in Sacramento this week highlights 50 of the CSU’s most prominent alumni. More information.

CSU, CFA Bargaining Update Posted

The CSU and the California Faculty Association (CFA) are in the bargaining process for a new contract. An update on the May 18-19 meeting is posted on the CSU’s website, and the CSU’s and the CFA’s proposals are posted here.