The California State University Employee Update
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CSU Proposes Legislative Bills for Several Key Issues

The CSU has secured authors for four sponsored bills that have made it on the table for California’s 2011 legislative session. The bills (and sponsors) include:

  • AB 633 (Olsen)—Vehicle Purchasing: This proposal would permanently authorize the CSU to purchase vehicles. The CSU’s current authority expires in mid-2012.
  • AB 822 (Block)—K-12 Higher Education General Obligation Bond: This is a placeholder measure to put a four-year K-12/higher education bond before the voters in 2012 or 2014 that would invest in California’s education infrastructure.
  • SB 292 (Padilla)—SB 1440: Veterans Clean-up: Last year, California passed historic legislation (SB 1440) which allows students to move from the community colleges to the CSU in a quicker, more efficient and less costly way. This proposal clarifies SB 1440’s impact on veterans’ status for admission.
  • SB 736 (Canella)—Direct Vendor Pay: Campus Audits: This proposal would eliminate time-consuming and duplicative independent campus audits that are used as oversight in the CSU’s direct vendor pay process, providing an estimated annual savings of $1.5 million. Since the audit reports were required in 1996, no issues have arisen.

The CSU is also working with the University of California and the California Community Colleges to develop a proposal to improve the transparency and accountability of auxiliaries, including foundations, student unions and associated students, that will clarify the privacy rights of donors and volunteers and clarify the law regarding proprietary business information.

In addition, the CSU is monitoring bills that could affect or are of interest to the university including measures addressing accountability, admissions/enrollment, curriculum, fees, financial aid, governance, retirement and veterans. More information.

CSU, California Faculty Association Bargaining Update and Proposals Posted with the following:

The CSU and the California Faculty Association (CFA) are in the bargaining process for a new contract. An update on the March 10-11 meeting is posted on the CSU's website and the CSU's and the CFA's proposals have been added and are now posted here.

Aid to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

Rescue and restoration efforts are underway in Japan following the devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami March 11. The American Red Cross has been designated as a primary agency for donations. Information is available here.