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ALERT: The Java 1.6 Citrix Remote Server Workaround

The majority of the CO Applications are built on a platform called Oracle Forms 10g. Oracle Forms 10g is NOT compatible with any version of Java higher than 1.6_u45. Unfortunately this older version of java should no longer be deployed on a client as it is very unsecure.

There is a workaround that eliminates the need for java 1.6 to be installed on a client. This workaround accesses the CO Applications through a Citrix server located at Unisys. This server contains the required java 1.6 client therefore users are NOT required to maintain the java 1.6 version on their PC’s. This option however requires a user to request a Unisys datacenter account. Please use the Citrix Access Request form to have a data center account created. Once an account and a password has been obtained there is some minor setup to access the Citrix server which is documented in this procedure.

Note: Your campus desktop support will need to assist with the installation of a Citrix Receiver which is documented in the above procedures.