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FIRMS Data Element Dictionary: State Program Code

Element Name: State_Program_Code
Element Length: 2
Element Type: Char
Format: XX
Data Element


State Program Code is defined by the Department of Finance to identify a group of interdependent or interrelated activities, directed toward the achievement of a common goal or objective. This program structure must be maintained to provide consistency in program identification across fiscal years in the databases of the State's computerized Budget, Accounting and Fiscal Information Systems.

State agencies may keep their internal program accounting records in greater detail than the Governor's Budget; however, they should maintain the State Program Code as an attribute on their local chart of accounts for reconciliation with the State.

For Capital Outlay programs, the agency specific program code will denote the capital outlay - program within a department's overall program structure. This code is part of State's program classification structure.

Valid Values:

00 - 94

Reserved Program Codes:

95 Transfer Program and Loan Repayment

96 Undistributed Multi-Program Cost

97 Unallocated

98 State Mandated Local Programs