Enterprise Systems

FIRMS Data Element Dictionary: Record Type

Element Name: Firms_Record_Type_Code
Element Length: 2
Element Type: Char
Format: XX
Data Element

The Record Type is used in FIRMS to account for detail Budget, YTD Actual, and YTD Encumbrances.

Query FIRMS Database for Valid Values

  • 01 Preliminary Budget - contains campus allocations prepared and distributed by the System Office based on the Governor's Final Budget or the most current state budget information availble in July of each year.
  • 02 Final Budget - contains final campus budget allocations prepared and reported by the campuses for the fiscal year, usually in August of each year.
  • 03 Revised Budget - contains summary of all appropriations for the current year; prepared by System Offices for use in the development of the following year governor's budget.
  • 04 Proposed Budget - contains summary of the trustee's budget for the following budget year; prepared in October of each year.
  • 05 Current Budget - contains the current campus budget allocation by object detail; reported by campuses monthly.
  • 10 YTD Actual - contains current actual account balances for assets, liabilities, fund equity, revenues, and expenditures through the current reporting period; reported by campuses monthly.
  • 11 Project-to-Date Actual - contains dollar amounts for revenues and expenditures.
  • 15 YTD Encumbrances - current encumbrance balances reported for the current reporting period.
  • 16 YTD Encumbrances - prior years encumbrances balance brought forward on and reported in the current period.
  • 20 Adjustments by Systemwide Budget Office - Budget Office year-end adjustments for State reporting purposes.
  • 21 Adjustments by Campuses - Year-end adjustments by campuses for State reporting purposes.
  • 30 GAAP Beginning Balances - contains prior year ending GAAP balances brought forward as the beginning balances in the current period.
  • 31 GAAP Current Year Activity - contains transactions for the current period.
  • 32 GAAP Current Year Adjustments - contains adjusting entries in the current period.
  • 38 GAAP Closing Entries - contains closing entries for the current period.
  • 39 GAAP Ending Balances - contains ending balances for the current period to be brought forward as the beginning balances in the future years.
  • 40 Auxiliary Equity Ending Balances - contains ending equity balances for auxiliaries (after the P&L closing entries).

Comments: FRS currently calculates actual expenditures for multi-year projects/appropriations as follows: YTD_Actual = Current Month Actual + YTD Actual + YTD Project.