Enterprise Systems

FIRMS Data Element Dictionary: Legal Fund Source

Element Name: Legal_Fund_Source_Code
Element Length: 1
Element Type: Char
Format: X
Data Element


Funding source identify the kinds of resources used to finance specific program activities conducted by or with the approval of the State. Stated another way, funding source identifies who is really paying the bill for programs authorized by the state government. This data element is defined by State Department of Finance.

Valid Values:

G = General Fund

S = Special Accounts

E = Feeder Funds

O = Other Governmental Cost Funds

X = Unallocated Special Funds

P = Public Service Enterprise Funds

W = Working Capital and Revolving Fund

B = Bond Funds

I = Retirement Funds

A = Trust and Agency Funds - Non Federal

F = Trust and Agency Funds - Federal

N = Unallocated Non-governmental Cost Funds

V = Various Unclassified Funds

R = Reimbursements

Z = Zero Non Funding Source