Enterprise Systems

FIRMS Data Element Dictionary: Appropriation Reference

Element Name: Appropriation_Reference_Number
Element Length: 3
Element Type: Char
Format: XXX
Data Element


The Appropriation Reference Number provides a unique code for each appropriation made to one organization from the same fund. Every appropriation is assigned a three digit reference number.

In addition, different reference numbers are used when appropriations are made to sub-organizations within an organization.

To the extent possible, the same reference number will be assigned to appropriations which are made year after year. For example, if a department's Budget Act support appropriation is coded with reference number 001 for Fiscal Year 1981-82, the same reference number 001 will be used for each subsequent year's support appropriation. This application of the same reference number to appropriations made for the same purpose in different years makes it easier to compare/track similar appropriations.

Example: If an organization receives more than one appropriation from the same fund, each appropriation would have a different reference number.

Example: If an organization receives appropriations from different funds, the reference number may be repeated if the appropriations are for the same character (see type of appropriation below).

Valid Values:

Reference Number Type of Appropriation

001 - 100 Budget Act Item -- Support

101 - 300 Budget Act Item -- Local Assistance

301 - 400 Budget Act Item -- Capital Outlay

401 - 489 Budget Act Item -- Unassigned

490 - 494 Budget Act Item -- Re-appropriation provisions

495 - 500 Budget Act Item -- Reversion provisions

501 - 600 Non-Budget Act Item -- Support a/

601 - 800 Non-Budget Act Item -- Local Assistance a/

801 - 899 Non-Budget Act Item -- Capital Outlay a/

901 Unclaimed Trust Account

902 - 949 Non-Budget Act Item -- Unassigned a/

950 Vacation Trust

951 - 959 Non-Budget Act Item -- Unassigned a/

960 Tax Sheltered Annuity

961 - 979 Non-Budget Act Item -- Unassigned a/

980 Unappropriated Revenue (Internal departmental use only. Not used to submit Revenue to SCO)

981 Federal Trust Fund Transfers to Applicable Appropriation (to be used by CALSTARS Agencies only)

a/ Appropriations contained in Budget Act Control Sections or Budget Act language