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Financial Operations/Budget Application: Financial Information Record Management System (FIRMS)

The Financial Information Record Management System is a corporate financial information management system that allows the Chancellor's Office (C.O.) to fulfill its systemwide financial reporting requirements from campus-collected data. FIRMS is used to report end-of-period accounting data as well as to submit budget proposals. Data for General Fund and Auxiliary activities are collected. Each campus extracts the appropriate data from its local financial system and formats the information in a FIRMS compatible format. Data are transmitted electronically to the C.O. via FIRMS for processing. The transmission process includes: file transfers, edit processes, and quality assurance report generated. Data from the campuses are only loaded to the Corporate Data table if the data passes the edit criteria.

For the Chancellor's Office to manage FIRMS related tables such as FNAT Key, Appropriation, GAAP, FIRMS Rule, Validation, Activity Period, etc., use the Table Management link.

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