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Financial Operations/Budget Application: Cash Management Operations

The Cash Management Operations (CMO) System is intended to provide timely information to campuses concerning cash positions subsequent to the transfer of responsibility for student fees from the State General Fund to the California State University. Average daily balances are calculated based on external transaction data provided by banks, investment firms, and the State Controller's Office and internal transaction data resulting from Cash Posting Order (CPO) management processes. The system implements a new business process in that maintenance and return to campuses of average daily balance data was not a requirement prior to the transfer of responsibility for student fees to the CSU.

At its inception in April 2007, the CMO system was intended to serve primarily as a collection and display system for external account data and verified CPOs. As of September 2007, the objectives of the CMO system were expanded to include automation of the Chancellor's Office internal CPO generation, review, and approval process. The existing manual process will be replaced to provide improved quality control on CPO requests from Chancellor's Office departments.

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