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August 19, 2015




CSU Presidents


Timothy P. White


Systemwide Multi-campus Centers, Institutes and Affinity Groups – Executive Order 1103

Attached is a copy of Executive Order 1103 relating to systemwide multi-campus centers, institutes, and affinity groups.

Permanently structured systemwide multi-campus centers, institutes, or affinity groups in existence at the inception of this executive order (see list below) may be approved by the chancellor or designee if appropriate documentation is presented that demonstrates they have met the general provisions of this executive order within 120 calendar days of its issuance. Upon approval, the assistant vice chancellor for research initiatives and partnerships will establish the yearly reporting and 5-year review cycles.

  • Agricultural Research Institute (ARI)
  • Consortium of Applied Social Science Research Centers (CASSRC)
  • Council for Emergency Management and Homeland Security (CEMHS)
  • Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology (COAST)
  • CSU Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB)
  • Desert Studies Center (DSC)
  • Institute for Palliative Care
  • Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML)
  • Ocean Studies Institute (OSI)
  • Social Science Research and Instructional Center (SSRIC)
  • Water Resources and Policy Initiatives (WRPI)

In accordance with policy of the California State University, the campus president has the responsibility for implementing executive orders where applicable and for maintaining the campus repository and index for all executive orders.

If you have questions regarding this executive order, please contact the Office of Research Initiatives and Partnerships at (562) 951-4513.


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Executive Order 1103

Office of the Chancellor
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Long Beach, California 90802-4210
(562) 951-4513

Executive Order:


Effective Date:

August 19, 2015


No Prior Executive Order


Systemwide Multi-campus Centers, Institutes and Affinity Groups

This executive order establishes policy for the formal approval of permanently structured, systemwide multi-campus centers, institutes, and affinity groups (also referred to as unit or units) that involve, or are formed with the intent to involve two or more CSU campuses, and may include other authorized entities as appropriate. This executive order does not apply to campus-based centers and institutes, which are addressed in other Academic Affairs policies.

  1. Approval of Systemwide Multi-campus Centers, Institutes and Affinity Groups
  2. The chancellor’s signature is required for the approval of systemwide multi-campus centers, institutes, or affinity groups. This authority may be delegated.

  3. Systemwide Multi-campus Centers, Institutes, and Affinity Groups Defined
  4. Approved systemwide multi-campus centers, institutes, or affinity groups are interdisciplinary and/or collaborative units that are permanently structured and authorized by the chancellor or designee to operate within the CSU and use the CSU name. Unless otherwise specified, they are designed to promote the mission of the California State University and:

    1. Are organized around a scholarly, creative, research, education, and/or public service activity that combines the interests and expertise of individuals, departments or administrative units, and may draw on the expertise of others external to the campus or the academy; and
    2. May offer services to constituents beyond the CSU community (e.g. individuals as well as private and public entities).
  5. Functions
  6. Depending on the function of a systemwide multi-campus center, institute, or affinity group, the activities will vary and may include:

    1. Providing opportunities for professional development of faculty and staff through teaching, research, scholarly and creative activities, and public service.
    2. Fostering and facilitating interdisciplinary efforts among disciplines, departments, colleges, and universities.
    3. Providing a clearinghouse for information of interest to professionals and conducting workshops and conferences for continuing education.
    4. Improving student success by facilitating and supplementing the academic experience of students.
    5. Providing opportunities for faculty and staff to collaborate on multi-campus or systemwide proposals for external funding to support the above activities.
    6. Other functions as stated in the proposal or strategic plan, approved following the processes described below.

  7. Formation and Structure
  8. Each systemwide multi-campus center, institute, or affinity group shall submit a proposal to the chancellor that has been reviewed and signed by the participating campus president(s). All proposals shall include the following information:

    1. strategic plan (including purpose and mission);
    2. campus or auxiliary responsible for administration of funds;
    3. financial support;
    4. participating CSU campuses and non-CSU entities, and their roles and responsibilities;
    5. organizational and governance structures;
    6. suspension or dissolution guidelines;
    7. hiring procedures, staff, and location; and
    8. Protocol for changes in participants (identified under number 4).

    Pursuant to 1 - 8 above, a lead president or other executive shall be identified as responsible for the oversight of each systemwide multi-campus center, institute, or affinity group. CSU faculty, administrators, and/or staff may perform services for the unit. All such CSU personnel shall be subject to a letter of appointment from the campus, which letter sets forth the terms and conditions of his/her employment including, but not limited to, whether he/she serves at will in either capacity and whether his/her employment with the campus will continue after the employee’s service to the unit is terminated or is otherwise suspended and/or if the unit is dissolved. The responsible lead president or executive shall ensure that all CSU employees comply with all applicable rules, regulations, and collective bargaining agreements. All other (non-CSU) employees shall be governed by a memorandum of understanding that includes their roles, responsibilities, and specific work assignments. Formal approval for the unit is contingent on the chancellor or designee’s review and approval of the proposal.

  9. Reporting
  10. All systemwide multi-campus centers, institutes, or affinity groups are required to submit an annual report within 90 days of the end of each fiscal year. The report shall include financials, activities, achievements, and progress toward meeting goals and objectives. The annual report shall be sent to campus presidents whose students, staff, faculty and/or administrators are involved in the systemwide multi-campus center, institute, or affinity group. The report shall also be submitted to the assistant vice chancellor of research initiatives and partnerships.

  11. Maintaining Good Standing
  12. For a unit to be reauthorized by the chancellor or designee, it must remain in good standing by meeting the requirements of this executive order and submitting an updated strategic plan every five years. Systemwide multi-campus centers, institutes, or affinity groups may be suspended or dissolved by the chancellor. A campus president or designee may suspend or dissolve their campus’ participation in the unit; each unit shall adopt policies to support a consultative process in support of such action.

    The assistant vice chancellor for research initiatives and partnerships in the Chancellor’s Office will act as the liaison for systemwide multi-campus centers, institutes, or affinity groups and have responsibility for their alignment with CSU policy.

  13. Other Applicable Policies
  14. This policy does not supersede any executive orders, coded memoranda, or other CSU policies.


Timothy P. White, Chancellor

Dated: August 19, 2015