Early Assessment Program

Early Assessment Program Transition in 2014

The new law suspends CST testing in 2014.  However, the 11th grade CSTs in English Language Arts (ELA), Algebra II (Alg. II), and High School Summative Math (HSSM) tests will continue to be offered to high school juniors for the purposes of earning an EAP designation.  The California Department of Education highly encourages all schools to participate and will facilitate the administration and costs of the tests.

The California State University highly encourages schools to voluntarily administer the 11th grade CST’s in ELA, Alg. II, and/or HSSM in spring 2014. Participation allows students to better prepare for a successful transition to their first year of college. 

Benefit of Participation in 2014

  • Students who show readiness on EAP will be exempt from the English Placement Test (EPT) and/or Entry Level Math exam (ELM)
  • May earn an exemption from participating in the CSU Early Start program
  • Will avoid spending time and money on unnecessary tests and classes
  • Students may use their senior year to become better prepared to succeed in college

ELA and Math CST Administration in 2014

  • Students must still grid the “bubble” releasing results to the CSU
  • Students must complete all components of the CST in Algebra 2 or Summative High School Mathematics and 15 additional EAP test items to receive a result. 
  • For English, students must complete all components of the 11th grade ELA CST, additional EAP test items and the essay to receive a result.

How do Schools Participate in the ELA and Math CST’s in 2014?

Districts will continue to use the ETS test ordering process.  CST’s must be ordered by December 1, 2013 for spring 2014 administration. CDE will facilitate the administration and costs of the participation.

Non-participation in the administration of the 11th grade ELA and Math CST’s in 2014 will result in:

  • No EAP statuses for students prior to their senior year. 
  • No opportunity for students to earn exemptions for CSU placement tests.
  • Lack of opportunity to use the senior year to prepare for college readiness. 

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