EAP Handbook for School Site Leaders

Using Resources Providing EAP Assistance

Collaborating with the Nearby CSU Campus in the EAP

Every CSU campus has an EAP Coordinator who is responsible for ensuring that the EAP resources developed by the CSU are readily available to schools, students, parents, and communities. The Coordinator typically holds meetings on the campus and at district sites to inform schools about college readiness and EAP resources, and available professional development.

Coordinators are pleased to speak to groups of administrators, counselors, teachers, students, and parents. Principals and school administrative teams should get to know their EAP Coordinator and learn what resources the Coordinator can make available, including how to find your results online.

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Web Resources Providing EAP Assistance to Schools

The CSU has developed an array of resources to assist schools in preparing students for college. These free curriculum materials and learning tools for schools, counselors, and teachers are available directly on the CSU EAP website, with links to a range of specific resources.

In collaboration with Educational Testing Service (ETS), the CSU has established an EAP results website that uses the same design as the California Department of Education STAR results website. The EAP school data website provides information about EAP performance by county, district, schools, and student subgroups, located on the CSU EAP website. EAP data are provided in relation to comparable schools on the Just for the Kids" website.

Web Resources Providing EAP Assistance to Students

The CSU English and Math Success websites provide resources for teachers, counselors, parents, and students. Resources for students and parents include:

  • Checklists and guidance for students and parents in English and Spanish
  • Personalized roadmaps to college readiness with step-by-step advice
  • Information about the CSU EPT and ELM tests and what they measure
  • Tips to help students improve their critical reading, writing, and math skills
  • Online multiple-choice practice English and math placement exams
  • Score reports on practice tests, including a score report and item feedback
  • Interactive e-learning mathematics learning programs
  • Live online math tutoring
  • Student video testimonials about the EAP
Checklist: Resources Providing EAP Assistance
  • Identify and contact the EAP Coordinator at the nearby CSU campus.
  • Invite the EAP Coordinator to participate in school college readiness events.
  • Identify CSU outreach activities and encourage students to attend.
  • Ensure that teachers and counselors are familiar with the EAP websites, resources, and professional development.
  • Review EAP school data on ETS website.
  • Review school proficiency and remediation rates on the CSU website.
  • Review with teachers the effectiveness of EAP 12th grade interventions.
  • Develop a plan for offering 12th grade EAP interventions the following year.
  • Discuss EAP information from the Just for the Kids website with administrative team.