EAP Handbook for School Site Leaders

High School Mathematics Options

EAP Assessment of College Readiness in Mathematics

The EAP assessment of college readiness in mathematics is intended for juniors who have completed Algebra II or higher-level mathematics. Students with the requisite math classes can take an expanded version of the Algebra II or Summative Math Content Standards Tests (CSTs) to assess their college readiness.

Based on their performance, students receive a score indicating that they are:

  • Ready for CSU college-level mathematics courses.
  • Ready for CSU college-level mathematics courses — Conditional.
  • Not yet demonstrating readiness for CSU college-level mathematics courses.
Courses for Achieving College Readiness in Mathematics

Students who demonstrate college readiness in mathematics on the EAP are exempt from CSU placement testing and remediation. Students who receive a conditional readiness currently demonstrate the skills necessary to be successful in college-level general education mathematics classes. However, they have not demonstrated the depth of understanding needed to maintain these skills over the next 18 months without mathematical learning experiences that continue to reinforce these skills.

Students who have demonstrated conditional readiness may complete the exemption process by passing a high school math course with an intermediate algebra (Algebra II) prerequisite. Qualifying courses would typically include trigonometry and mathematical analysis, pre-calculus, or honors physics. Passing an advanced placement test such as AP calculus, AP statistics, or AP physics with a score of 3 or higher also fulfills the requirement.

Four other options to achieve exemption from the Entry Level Math (ELM) test are available for students with a conditional readiness score.

These are:

  • Completing a specially approved high school course for conditionally ready students.
  • Completing an approved e-learning course for conditionally ready students.
  • Earning a grade of C or better in a qualifying CSU general education math course (quantitative reasoning, B-4) at a community college.
  • Completing Algebra II a second time with a grade of C or higher.
Additional Mathematics Options for Students

Students not yet demonstrating readiness or those with a conditional status can achieve exemption from the placement test by the following:

  • SAT — 550 or more on the Mathematics Test
  • ACT — 23 or more on the math portion
  • College Board AP — 3 or more on Advanced Placement Calculus or Statistics
  • Community College Course — Earning a grade of C or better in a qualifying CSU general education math course (quantitative reasoning, B-4) at a community college
Additional Mathematics Resources for Students

The Math Success Website provides high school students, parents, teachers, and counselors with resources for helping students become ready for college-level work in mathematics and prepare for the CSU ELM test. Information about resources for students and how to receive approval for mathematics courses is available through the website. Additionally, Focus on Math, a test prep guide is available.

Checklist: EAP High School Math Options
  • Encourage students to take advanced math courses that make them eligible to take the EAP in mathematics (Algebra II or above).
  • Ask the Mathematics Department to review EAP scores and identify recommendations for mathematics curriculum.
  • Request that the Mathematics Department plan for additional 12th grade courses for students with conditional readiness.
  • Develop plans to offer EAP e-learning courses in mathematics at the school site.
  • Identify ways EAP e-learning resources can be integrated into the overall mathematics curriculum.
  • Provide information about math interventions to students and families.
  • Provide information to teachers, counselors, parents, and students about the Math Success Website.
  • Contact the local CSU EAP Coordinator for a presentation on the math website.