EAP Handbook for School Site Leaders

Appendix A: Sample School Site EAP Timeline

  • Complete 12th grade student placement planning (ongoing).
  • Ensure that teachers and counselors are familiar with EAP websites and resources (6.4).
  • Review EAP school data on ETS website (6.4).
  • Distribute explanations of EAP scores with STAR report to students and parents (2.3).
  • Distribute EAP school wide results to parent and community groups (2.3).
  • Provide information about other English and math interventions to students and families (3.4; 4.4).
  • Discuss EAP at back-to-school events.
  • Consider additional teacher teams for participation in EAP English and math professional development workshops (5.4).
  • Identify CSU outreach activities and encourage students to attend (6.4).
  • Discuss EAP at College Nights.
  • Place 12th grade students in needed spring interventions.
  • Distribute CSU letter alerting 11th grade students and families about EAP testing (2.3).
  • Plan EAP testing with school site testing coordinator and counselors (2.3).
  • Remind 11th graders about the EAP STAR test items and essay (2.3).
  • Prepare 11th graders for the EAP essay test (ongoing).
  • Administer EAP multiple choice items with STAR test (2.3).
  • Remind students to release EAP scores to the CSU.
  • Administer EAP written essay (2.3).
  • Designate an interdisciplinary team to participate in RIAP (5.4).
  • Review with teachers the effectiveness of EAP 12th grade interventions (6.4).
  • Develop plan for offering 12th grade EAP interventions the following year (6.4).
  • Review prior STAR scores for beginning 12th grade placement planning (2.3).
  • Provide 11th graders information about accessing EAP scores online (2.3).
  • Designate initial teams for participation in EAP English and math professional development workshops (5.4).