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Poster abstracts for the 2014 Symposium were due Monday, October 7th, 2013.

We received 346 abstracts from students and faculty from 21 CSU universities. The poster abstract selection committee is at work. We expect to notify authors the first week of November if their abstracts are selected for presentation at the symposium in January. Do not make travel arrangements or start working on your posters until you've been notified your abstract has been accepted.

CSUPERB accepts abstracts from CSU students and faculty from biotechnology-related disciplines, including but not limited to life science, physical science, clinical science, math, computer science, agricultural science, education, engineering and/or business.

Poster abstracts are selected by a committee of FCG members using a "blind" selection process (no author names or campus affiliations are visible to reviewers). Last year only ~75% of the poster abstracts submitted were accepted due to space and budget limitations. Play close attention to the review criteria below to ensure your abstract is as competitive as possible!

2014 Review Criteria

  • Poster abstracts should include original data and results. Literature reviews are not eligible.  The most competitive abstracts make it clear what has been accomplished, what methods were used, and what conclusions have been drawn from the data presented.
  • Poster abstracts should be readable and present ideas with clarity. Poster abstracts must be comprehensible, communicating research results and the larger scientific/engineering question to a general biotechnology audience. As a result the most competitive abstracts provide enough background so non-expert reviewers can understand the significance of the work and how it might add to what is already known.  In addition, successful abstracts make it clear what the authors are hoping to accomplish or clearly explain the specific aim(s) of the overall project. Avoid undefined acronyms and try to craft poster titles that don't include acronyms!
  • Poster abstracts should use correct spelling and punctuation. CSUPERB does not correct typos, formatting issues or misspellings before abstracts are reviewed or the abstracts are published on the internet.

Other 2014 Abstract Submission Guidelines

Poster titles should be descriptive (limit 255 characters).

Abstracts are limited to 2500 characters.

Spaces and formatting code count toward the character limits (255 for the title, and 2500 for the abstract body).

Project funding and other acknowledgments should be included in abstracts.

Provide up to 3 keywords (for example: species name, field of research, technique) to help participants find your poster using the online abstract listing.

Poster board size will be 8' wide by 4' tall. Your poster may be of any size smaller than these dimensions!

Please remember that CSUPERB solicits both research and curricular/program development abstracts. Core Facility, curricular or program development results and data may pertain, for example, to ‘user communities,’ ‘lessons learned,’ enrollments and assessments.

For tips and guidelines for attending scientific meetings, making poster presentations and giving talks see:

Tips...to make the most of a scientific conference (David Shiffman, 2013)

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Purrington, C.B. Giving science talks. Retrieved 12/14/12 from http://colinpurrington.com/tips/academic/sciencetalks

Colin Purrington's Design Advice for Academic Posters

AAAS Communicating Science resources

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For questions related to your abstract, please contact either:

Susan Baxter
Executive Director, CSUPERB
(619) 594-2822


James Schmitt
Program Administrator, CSUPERB
(619) 594-5299

For questions related to the abstract submission, please contact:

(619) 594-2822