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25th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium

25th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium
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The 2014 CSU Biotechnology Symposium will be held January 9-11, 2014, at the Santa Clara Marriott.

Thursday - Saturday, January 3-5, 2013
Anaheim Marriott

CSUPERB celebrated the 25th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium in January! The 25th Symposium was planned as a reunion for CSU biotechnology alumni and current students, faculty and administrators. We celebrated the extraordinary impact CSU faculty-student collaborations have had and will have over the next 25 years!

Beyond the silver anniversary objectives, the symposium program was designed to broaden exposure to cutting-edge biotechnologies, product-focused innovation and the spectrum of career paths available in the life sciences. The symposium brought CSU students, faculty and administrators together, as well as biotech professionals working in academia, government and industry.

The program featured two Poster sessions Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. This year 266 research posters were accepted for presentation. These posters represented work from 146 faculty-led research groups at 22 campuses.  The number of submitted and accepted abstracts is the most in the 25 years of the CSU Biotechnology Symposium.



Thursday (Jan. 3) Workshops and Meetings

2-5pm Workshop: Cloud Computing for Education and Research. Presenters: Nirav Merchant & Andre Mercer, University of Arizona, members of the iPlant Collaborative's Atmosphere team. This workshop was hosted by the CSUPERB Genomic Analysis and Technologies Taskforce (Sandy Sharp, CSU Los Angeles, Taskforce Chair).

2-5 pm Workshop: Mock NIH and NSF Proposal Review. This workshop was organized and hosted by the CSUPERB Faculty Mentoring Taskforce (Jill Adler-Moore, Cal Poly Pomona, Taskforce Chair). The workshop featured mock NIH and NSF proposal review panels. The 3-hour session gave an inside look at how NIH and NSF panels review the proposals they receive.

3-5 pm Workshop: Intellectual Property: Protecting Your Ideas. Presenter: Grace Liu (Intellectual Property and Research Administrator, CSU Fresno). CSU biotechnology students at previous symposia requested more opportunities for entrepreneurial education. Ms. Liu discussed IP basics, patenting, CSU campus resources, disclosures and sponsored research issues during the first half of the session; during the second half she took questions and worked in small groups with interested participants.

7-9 pm: CSUPERB Biofuels Network Meeting. Speakers: Sandra Jacobson (Director of Research and Development, Edeniq) & Kevin Hoff (Senior Research Scientist, Genomatica). This meeting was hosted by the CSUPERB Biofuels Network (Daryl Eggers, San Jose State University, Network Chair).

7-9 pm: CSUPERB Genomic Analysis and Technologies Taskforce Meeting. Organizer: Sandy Sharp (CSU Los Angeles & Taskforce Chair).

7-9 pm: CSUPERB Proposal Writing Workshop. Presenters: Susan Baxter & James Schmitt (CSUPERB). This workshop was designed to introduce CSUPERB funding sources to CSU faculty, to describe the review process, and to coach applicants on designing proposals to answer Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

7-9 pm: Quantitative Biology Network Meeting. Organizer: Bori Mazzag (Humboldt State). Quantitative (mathematical, statistical and computational) literacy and competency is increasingly important in biotechnology. Importantly the NSF/AAAS “Vision and Change” Report included quantitative reasoning, modeling and simulation as core competencies central to science practice. The meeting surveyed on-going activities in quantitative biology education and research across the CSU and identified priorities for further growth in this area. Participants examined existing interdisciplinary programs and best practices in mathematics, statistics, computer science and engineering education supporting the life sciences. The goal of the meeting was to organize faculty around common interests, facilitate research collaborations and identify funding sources to improve quantitative biology training and research at the CSU. Presenters: Tom Buckley (Biology, Sonoma State University), Silvia Heubach (Mathematics, CSU Los Angeles), Anca Segall (Biology; Computational Science Program, San Diego State University) & Leonard Wesley (Computer Engineering, San Jose State University).

Friday (Jan. 4) Sessions

Celebrating CSU Biotechnology Alumni

Career Networking Session (for students, sponsored by BIOCOM Institute)

  • David Webb (The Scripps Research Institute, Sorrento Therapeutics, BIOCOM), CSU Fullerton alum
  • Willie Zuniga (Grifols Biologicals, Inc.), CSU Los Angeles alum

Scientific Teaching Workshop (for faculty)

Graduate School Information Session (for students)

Saturday (Jan. 5) Sessions

Don Eden Graduate Student Research Award Finalists' Presentations

  • Gregory Alvarado, CSU Los Angeles (mentor: Robert Nissen)
  • Chris Armoskus, CSU Long Beach (mentor: Houng-Wei Tsai)
  • Wendy Beck, CSU Long Beach (mentor: Paul Weers)
  • Roy Hernandez, CSU Long Beach (mentor: Vasanthy Narayanaswami)
  • Chelsea McCallister, CSU Fullerton (mentor: Nikolas Nikolaidis)
  • Katy Patras, San Diego State University (mentor: Kelly Doran)
  • Cassandra Ramos, San Jose State University (mentor: Brandon White)
  • Nicole Ratib, CSU Fullerton (mentor: Esther Chen) - AWARD RECIPIENT

2013 CSUPERB Faculty Research Award Talk

CSUPERB-I2P Early-Stage Biotechnology Commercialization Challenge: Finalists' Presentations (sponsored by Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative & Economic & Workforce Development/CCC)

Preliminary Judges: Monica Brule (CSU San Bernardino), Jakub Felkl (University of Texas, Austin), Luanne Meyer (Meyer & Associates Market Research)

Finals Judges: Bob Linscheid (San Francisco Chamber of Commerce; Chair, Board of Trustees, California State University;CSU Chico alum), Gail Naughton (Histogen, Inc.), and Todd Thompson (Proteus Digital Health, Inc. & San Jose State University alum)

Finalist Teams:

  • Brian Anders, Audra Iness, Forrest Miller, Cameron Scheidt (CSU Fresno)
  • Igor Chouzhyk, Carlo Dela Cruz, Kayla Horton, Megan Showalter (CSU Sacramento) - FIRST PLACE FINISH
  • Justin Creason, Aleksey Makasarashvili, Victor Martinez, Robert Prior (CSU Sacramento)
  • Jonathan Gallo, Adam Naber, Bolor Saruul, Bernadette Vansickle (CSU Sacramento)
  • Alexis Gompf, Christina Gramatikova, Michael Gurney, Ginger Tsueng (San Diego State University)
  • Misael Hernandez, Leslie Martinez, Paul Stein, Nick Sullivan (Cal Poly Pomona)- SECOND PLACE FINISH

Closing Awards Banquet

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