Faculty-Student Collaborative Research:
Development Grant Program

Proposal Guidelines

Please refer to the 2013 Research Development Grant Program RFP (.pdf) for complete program eligibility and proposal review criteria as you draft your proposal!

Submit proposals using either the 2013 Research Development Proposal Template (.doc).

Proposals not submitted on the required 2013 spring proposal template will not be accepted.  Text entries must be single-spaced type, use 11 point Arial or 12 point Times New Roman font, and use 0.75 inch margins.  Proposals not complying with style guidelines will not be accepted.

Complete proposals must be submitted following the directions on the Proposal Submission page.

Proposal Template Instructions

Checklist & Proposal Review Information - Principal Investigators (PIs) may use this page to provide CSUPERB with information regarding letters of support being submitted with their proposal.  CSUPERB will use this information to verify that these anticipated additional documents have been uploaded with your proposal.

PIs are also reminded to have Keywords relevant to their proposal ready for entry into the OARS system when their package is uploaded.  This is important to remember in the event someone other than the PI will be uploading the proposal.

PIs are provided with an opportunity to suggest reviewers from within the CSU who have expertise qualifying them to review their proposal.  CSUPERB may or may not have time to contact suggested reviewers upon receipt of the proposal.

Cover Page - Principal Investigators (PIs) who are tenured or tenure-track (T/TT) CSU faculty can apply for this program. Other CSU staff may be listed as co-PIs or key personnel. CSUPERB will consider only one proposal per PI or co-PI at a time to this Grant Program. Be careful to enter contact information accurately; CSUPERB will communicate with you about the status of your proposal by email.

Include the signed Cover Page with electronic proposal submission. You can do this by scanning the signed cover page and uploading it as a separate document. Limit 1 page.

Abstracts - A Project Objective, a Technical Abstract and a Non-Technical Abstract are required. Use only single-spaced text; project objective and two abstracts combined are limited to one page total.

These descriptions are meant to serve as succinct, accurate descriptions of the proposed work when separated from the rest of the application. The project objective and technical abstract are used to select reviewers. Do not include proprietary information. The Technical and Non-Technical Abstracts should not be duplicates. The Non-Technical Abstract will be used for public information or program promotion, only if funded.

Project Description - Provide information about broad, long-term objectives, background and significance, specific aims, and the research project plan. Limit - 2 pages. References and Figures with captions may be on additional pages with a limit of 1 page for each. Insert these pages immediately after the Project Description. Letters of support can be appended at the end of the template document.

Key Milestones and Timeline -List the key milestones of your project and the projected timeline for accomplishing each milestone. Reviewers will consider this information to determine the feasibility of the proposed project based on the budget proposed. Limit - 1 page.

Justification of the Development Nature of the Project - Explain how you are eligible for award under this Grant program. Please note that the Research Development Grant program is open to T/TT CSU faculty who have had previous external funding for their research projects. Briefly explain the current gap in your research funding,  describe or provide evidence of efforts you have already made to re-establish or augment your external funding support, identify the external funding sources you have targeted and why you think ~18 months of research support will strengthen your application. Limit - 1/2 page.

Student Involvement in Proposed Project - Discuss how the proposed research project will significantly involve CSU students. Limit - 1/2 page.

Budget and Justification - Check the Budget Guidelines web page for instructions and details.

Major Equipment, Shared Facilities and Other Resources Available to the Project -Clearly identify and describe all resources (e.g. departmental start-up funds, intramural or extramural grants, shared and donated equipment, release time, space, personnel, supplies, and software) and submit supporting letters electronically, if available, to demonstrate project feasibility and institutional support. Limit - 1/2 page.

Past, Current and Pending Support - List all past, current and pending support whether or not relevant to the project proposed here. Include Title of Grant/Award/Support, Funding Source or Program, Amount of Award, Duration of Funding, and indicate whether the aims of the project overlapped with or led to aims proposed here. Attach additional pages as necessary.

Short CVs for Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-PIs - Include a short CV for the principal investigator and for each co-principal investigator. Each CV should list no more than 5 recent publications related to this project. Limit - 1 page per investigator.

Contact Information

For questions regarding this program and RFP, please contact either:

James Schmitt
Program Administrator, CSUPERB
(619) 594-5299

Susan Baxter
Executive Director, CSUPERB
(619) 594-2822