Report Forms and Instructions

Grant Change Request Form

Use the Grant Change Request Form (.doc) to request changes during the life of your grant. Typical requests would include extensions to the end date, significant changes to the scope of the project or changes in key personnel. There is also an option to submit general, undefined requests with this form. E-mail the completed form directly to James Schmitt.

Budget Adjustment Request Form

Use the Budget Adjustment Request Form (.xls) to request revisions to your budget. Be sure to first review the Guidance Document for Principal Investigators, "Budget Variances (Changes) Requiring a Formal Request" section, to see if you are able to make your changes internally, without filing this request. The form has the actual instructions. Be sure you complete both the spreadsheet showing the numerical adjustments, as well as a written justification on a separate page. There is no template form for the written justification. E-mail the competed form directly to James Schmitt.

Grant Final Report Form

Use the Grant Final Report Form (.doc) to submit your grant final reports. Final reports are due on all grants within 90 days of your grant end date. A delinquent report may jeopardize future funding from all CSUPERB grant programs. This template form will serve as the technical and fiscal reporting tool for all CSUPERB Grant Programs (except Travel grants - see below). E-mail the completed form directly to CSUPERB.

Travel Grant Report Forms

Please use Faculty Travel Grant Report Form or Student Travel Grant Report Form and submit it within 30 days after your travel is completed. E-mail the completed form directly to CSUPERB.

Contact Information

For questions related to reports, budget adjustments and other grant change requests, please contact:

James Schmitt
Program Administrator, CSUPERB
Phone: (619) 594-5299 or (619) 594-2822