Guidance Document for CSUPERB Principal Investigators

Grant Correspondence

The CSUPERB office will refer to a grant by its title. Please use the correct and full grant title in all correspondence and reports. Please also note that post-award correspondence is sent only to the Principal Investigator (PI). It is the responsibility of the PI to forward copies of the correspondence to any co-PIs or key personnel.

Transfer of Funds

Grant funds (with the exception of Faculty and Student Travel Grants) will be transferred in the year in which the grant is awarded unless otherwise agreed upon with the CSUPERB program office. A PI's campus may be able to assist in making purchases or paying personnel prior to the funds reaching the campus, since the fiscal officer in the Dean's office has been informed of pending grants. Please note that the funds for CSUPERB grants are State funds and should be spent within State accounts and regulations. The PI and the PI's campus are responsible for carrying over CSUPERB grant funds between State of California fiscal years.

Post Award Reporting Responsibilities

Submitting reports on time is crucial for assessing and, ultimately, determining the outcomes, impacts and success of our grant programs. The information supplied by PIs helps CSUPERB justify expenditures and continue to offer programs to CSU faculty and students involved in biotechnology research and education. Delinquent reports will jeopardize future funding of grants for all key personnel on the grant. CSUPERB reserves the right to request additional information regarding grants at any time. The Report Forms are available online. PIs are required to submit an electronic copy of the completed reports to CSUPERB.

There are two kinds of required reports:

  1. Final Report
    Review the Grant Final Report Form (.doc) prior to beginning the project in order to adequately track the information relevant to the outcomes, student, faculty, scientific, fiscal, personnel and budgetary impacts of the project. Final reports are due within 90 days of the grant end date; travel grant final reports are due within 30 days after travel completed.
  2. Long-term Impact Report (not required for travel grant recipients).
    Report on publications, student outcomes, follow-on funding, patents, and other impacts related to CSUPERB funding that have occurred since the final report was filed.

Please note that in addition to these reports, we ask CSUPERB PIs to join FRESCA (fresca.calstate.edu) and ask them to present their projects at the annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium.

Budget Considerations

The PI is responsible for all spending on their grant and should be aware of both the restrictions mentioned in the award letter and the budget restrictions of CSUPERB granting programs listed below:

  • Faculty salary budgeted up to $5,000 per individual is allowed, including fringe, for academic year release time/academic year additional employment/summer salary.
  • Student salaries should be in accordance with amounts determined by your own campus Human Resource (H/R) Department. CSUPERB will not approve any salary or rate in excess of your own campus limitations. It is your responsibility to ensure that any funds paid to students are not in conflict with either these limitations or any others set by graduate or undergraduate programs the student may be a part of. Employment of foreign nationals is limited to those individuals who meet the conditions set by your campus H/R departments review and clearance process for their eligibility to receive compensation in the United States.
  • Travel to professional meetings will not be covered by any CSUPERB grant mechanism other than CSUPERB's Travel Grant Program.
Budget Variances (Changes) Requiring a Formal Request

Substantial changes in the budget must be approved by the CSUPERB office prior to the change. Formal requests for substantial changes must be made using the CSUPERB Budget Adjustment Request Form (.xls) The request should be submitted by the Principal Investigator to the CSUPERB grants official listed on the request form. It should include dollar amounts of requested changes and names of all personnel involved in salary changes, if known. Additional documentation, in the form of a letter from the chair or dean may be requested if applicable to the budget request. Changes to Entrepreneurial Joint Venture Cost Match amounts should be submitted on the CSUPERB Grant Change Request Form.

Changes requiring approval are:

  1. Moving funds into faculty salaries or out of student salaries
  2. Moving funds into new, not requested or unapproved line items or categories*
  3. Changes greater than 25% of an item within a category*
  4. Changes greater than 25% from one funded category to another funded category*
  5. * The five budget categories are:
    1. Salaries, 2. Equipment, 3. Supplies/Materials, 4. Travel, 5. Other.

Requests to purchase any item that was unapproved for funding in the grant review process will not be considered without strong supporting justification. In addition, laptop computers are not to be purchased with CSUPERB funds unless specifically requested in the proposal and approved by the review panel.

Any remaining unused grant funds should be returned to CSUPERB upon submission of grant final report. All questions regarding spending should be directed to the CSUPERB office prior to making any changes to the grant.

Grant Extensions

Investigators who would like to request an extension or change in the dates of their grant period should complete the CSUPERB Grant Change Request Form and submit it to CSUPERB. Submission information is detailed on the form.