Entrepreneurial Joint Venture Matching Grant Program

Budget Guidelines

Use the budget table provided in the 2017 Proposal Template (located in the Proposal Submission page in October 2016, link above) and justify and explain expenses in the budget justification section. Please check your projected expenses in the budget table and make sure that the total amount is accurate.

Budget Restriction

CSUPERB will accept Joint Venture grant proposals with budgets up to $25,000. Duration of the award will be 18 months from the project start date (approximately June 1, 2017 - November 30, 2018). Exact project start dates are contingent upon award conditions, including IRB or IACUC approvals on campus. Please note these awards will be made primarily with fiscal year 2016-2017 CSU general fund dollars, pending the California state budget.

CSUPERB grants are issued as a result of an internal competition within the CSU and are not subject to Facilities and Administrative (F&A), or indirect, costs. F&A costs are not allowed as a grant-funded expense in proposals submitted in response to RFPs from programs, like CSUPERB, that receive the majority of their support from legislatively appropriated funds, CSU lottery funds or student fees (including State University fees). The F&A foregone at the campus/auxiliary's federally negotiated off-campus rate may be shown as cost match on the proposal.  This amount may be used by the auxiliary or enterprise fund as an offset to the university's cost allocation plan, in accordance with EO 753/1000.


Identify faculty and key personnel (students and staff) in the first column. Put the amount/person in the "Amount Requested ($)" box in the second column.

Salary Restrictions
  • Faculty salary budgeted up to $5000 per individual is allowed, including fringe expenses, for academic year release time, academic year additional employment, or summer salary.
  • Student salaries budgeted should be in accordance with amounts determined by your own campus Human Resource Department. CSUPERB will not approve any salary or rate in excess of your own campus limitations. It is your responsibility to ensure that any funds paid to students are not in conflict with either these limitations or any others set by graduate or undergraduate programs the student may be a part of. Employment of foreign nationals is limited to those individuals who meet the conditions set by your campus HR departments review and clearance process for their eligibility to receive compensation in the United States.
Travel Restrictions

Travel to professional meetings will not be covered by these funds. Apply to CSUPERB's Travel Grants Program to cover travel costs.

Matching Contribution from External Partner

(Itemize and list cost of matching contribution)

List the name of each individual, company, or organization that is supplying the match and the total dollar amount of matching contributions in the corresponding "Amount Requested ($)" box in the second column. Itemize the specific nature (e.g., investment of money, time, intellect and other resources) of matching contributions from the joint venture partner. Provide letters from partner that confirms all aspects of matching contribution and, for grant-funded matches, indicates the dollar amount and the funding source and grant number. External grants or awards made to CSU PIs or Co-PIs are not allowable as matching contributions.

Justification of Budget and Matching Contributions

Justify the need for the personnel listed in the "Salaries" section on the budget table. Indicate how much time each faculty/key personnel will spend on the project and when s/he will be working on the project. Identify students, where possible, indicate the student's status (undergraduate or graduate student), the rate/hour, the number of hours needed for each student and whether they will be working summer and/or academic year. Justify the need for any and all items listed in the budget. Discuss the specific nature (investment of money, time, intellect and other resources) of matching contributions from the joint venture partner. Limit 1 page.

Contact Information

For budget related questions, please contact:

James Schmitt
Program Administrator, CSUPERB
(619) 594-5299