CSUPERB aims to serve CSU faculty by providing support and a framework for virtual communities, taskforces, networking events, professional development opportunities, technology workshops, access to shared research equipment, and curriculum development resources.

2013-2014 Taskforces, Networks & Committees. Point of Contact = Kathie McReynolds (Deputy Chair, Strategic Planning Council, CSU Sacramento). If you are interested in any of the groups or activities below, contact the listed point of contact or CSUPERB.

  • Bioengineering Network (new) - 97 faculty from 18 CSU universities. Daryl Eggers, San Jose State University, Coordinator.
    • Biofuels Network. The 2012 report is here.
  • Genomic Analysis and Technologies Committee (GATC). Sandy Sharp, CSU Los Angeles, Chair. The SPC approved the continuation of the GATC budget for another 3 years. Over the past 3 years the group developed curriculum modules (available here), organized cloud computing workshops, sponsored networking meetings, and explored multi-campus funding opportunities. They plan to continue this mix of activities.
  • Effective STEM Education Committee. Koni Stone (Chair, CSU Stanslaus) & Jacob Varkey (Humboldt State University, MCAT 2015 issue watcher). This group organizes an interactive workshop for faculty, instructors and teaching assistants at the symposium each year.  Recent sessions have focused on research in the curriculum, the scientific teaching literature, the PULSE (Vision & Change) community and toolkit, and the use of technology in the undergraduate curriculum.
  • Professional Development Taskforce (PDT). Jill Adler-Moore, Cal Poly Pomona, Chair. During the drafting of the 2012-2015 strategic plan, surveys suggested that grant proposal writing help was needed across the system.  The PDT organized a proposal writing workshop at the last symposium and plans to do so again in 2014.  With their AY13-14 budget, they are also thinking about setting up systems to facilitate proposal partnerships (write/review a proposal), sharing successfully funded proposals by CSU faculty, and other activities.
  • Quantitative Biology Network. Bori Mazzag, Humboldt State University, Coordinator. Several national reports issued over the last decade discuss a vision for biology education in response to the huge technological advances this field has seen. These reports emphasize the need for increased quantitative training of our students. At the 2013 CSUPERB Symposium the group met for the first time to share and discuss on-going interdisciplinary educational efforts regarding quantitative biology. Another meeting is planned for 2014.

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CSUPERB Biocompass - Online Teaching Materials
As part of the Biocompass project, we've partnered with the NSF-funded MERLOT project to array free, high-quality biotechnology-related online teaching resources. We are particularly interested in collecting biotechnology-related "scientific teaching" examples and biotechnology industry case studies on MERLOT.