Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Award

Submission Information

2012 Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Award Recipient - Erick Morales (CSU Fullerton)

Crellin Pauling's family attended the 24th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium in January 2012 to present the Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Award (see video here). Left to right: Jenn Lillig (Sonoma State University and Chair, 2012 Pauling Selection Committee), David Pauling, Erick Morales (2012 Pauling Award winner), Kay Pauling, and Madeline Rasche (CSU Fullerton).

2017 NOMINATION DEADLINE: To be announced in August, 2016

CSYou SUBMISSION FORM: The submission system is closed

Nominations, including signed cover sheet, must be submitted electronically using the CSYou submission form (above) in either Microsoft WORD or Adobe PDF format before the deadline. Hardcopy submissions are not accepted. Faculty nominator will log into the CSYou form using their campus ID/username and password.

A complete application package consists of all of the following:

  1. Signed Nomination Letter from a CSU faculty member (limit 2 pages; submitted on campus letterhead)
  2. Student Narrative (limit 2 pages)

Review Criteria:

The review committee will select the award recipient based on:

  • Faculty Nomination Letter. The nominee must have a strong, excellent record of teaching in biotechnology-related courses or programs.
  • Student Narrative. Competitive narratives will reflect the student applicant’s perspective on Crellin Pauling's focus on a scientifically literate electorate.

Evaluation Process:

The CSUPERB program office will evaluate applications for completeness and eligibility. Only complete nomination packages (see above) will be considered. Qualified applications will be forwarded to the review committee. The review committee is comprised of CSU faculty, administrators and Pauling family representatives. Up to two awards will be made each year. The awards ($2000 each) will be announced and recipients recognized at the 29th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium in January, 2017. Pauling Award recipients usually make a 2-3 minute acceptance speech at the symposium.

Contact Information

For information about this program, please contact CSUPERB at (619) 594-2822 or by email.