Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Award Recipients

2013 Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Award Recipient - Erick Morales (CSU Fullerton)

The Pauling Family endowed the Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Awards so that two awards were made for the first time in 2014. One went to Jeannette Bowler (San Francisco State University), a teaching assistant in the biochemistry courses at SFSU who also participated in the Bay Area Science Festival. The selection committee was most impressed by her early understanding of college teaching and the need to "...encourage student discussion, emphasizing that critical thinking and the process of discovery is more important than getting the right answer." The second 2014 Pauling Award went to Katherine Nakama, a masterís degree candidate who served as a teaching assistant in the General Microbiology laboratory course at CSU Fullerton since 2010. Left to right: David Pauling, Katherine Nakama, and Kay Pauling.

Awardee Campus Year
Jeannette Bowler San Francisco 2014
Katherine Nakama Fullerton 2014
Gregory Manata Humboldt 2013
Erick Morales Fullerton 2012
Pete Arnold Sonoma 2011
Amelia Manlove East Bay 2010
Stephanie Sprowl Fullerton 2009
Molly Klein-McDowell San Francisco 2008
Michelle Don Fullerton 2007
Michael Rajan East Bay 2006
Adriana Racolta Fullerton 2005
Julia Schafer San Diego 2004
Hongphuc "Rick" Ha Fullerton 2003
Monica Neuberger San Diego 2002
Dina Lauman Sonoma 2001