Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Award

Professor Crellin Pauling
Professor Crellin

Important Dates and Information

Nomination Due Date: To be announced in August, 2016
Award Announcement: At annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium, January, 2017
Award Amount: $2000

The Pauling Family has endowed the Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Award so that two awards ($2,000 each) will be made to student teachers or teaching assistants in biotechnology-related settings, courses and programs. In line with the AAAS/NSF Vision & Change Report, we know that recognition for outstanding teaching practices is an important component of changing the way science and engineering is taught to better match the way it is done.

Program Description

The Crellin Pauling Student Teaching Award acknowledges outstanding student teaching achievement by a California State University (CSU) student in biotechnology-related settings, courses and programs.

This award is named after Professor Crellin Pauling (San Francisco State University) for his extraordinary contributions to the training of teachers and scientists and his commitment to the creation of a scientifically literate electorate.

Eligibility and Requirements:

This award program is open to any CSU undergraduate or graduate student nominated by a CSU faculty member. Students teaching in any discipline related to biotechnology are eligible.

Student applicants and, ideally, their faculty mentors should plan to attend the annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium on January, 2017. Awardees will be notified so that they can register for and attend the symposium. The award recipient will give a brief (3-5 minute) acceptance speech at the symposium awards banquet.


An award of $2000 will be made in the form of a scholarship to a CSU university to support the education of the award recipient. The scholarship may be used for living expenses, tuition, fees, books or other allowable academic expenses as defined by the student’s campus office of financial aid/scholarship.

Special Note: Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with their campus financial aid office prior to applying to CSUPERB to determine the potential impact of these awards and grants to other forms of compensation provided through their university, including financial aid. Portions of awards paid directly to students will be processed through campus financial aid offices. Please be advised that receiving and accepting a CSUPERB award could lead to a decrease in other forms of financial assistance. Ordinarily, adjustments (if any) are made to loans first before other grants or scholarships. Award recipients should contact their campus financial aid office to determine how the award may affect their total financial aid package. Because of Internal Revenue Service and other requirements, campuses may also consult with accounting, human resources and international programs staff to determine appropriate method of payment and any tax withholding requirements. Award Recipients should consult with a tax professional regarding tax liability resulting from any award.

Submission Information

Submit applications using the application forms and instructions available on Submission Information page.

Contact Information

For information about this program, please contact CSUPERB at (619) 594-2822 or by email.