Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research Award

Submission Information

2015 APPLICATION DEADLINE: To Be Announced September, 2014

CSYou SUBMISSION FORM: Submissions currently closed

Applicants are required to submit an electronic version (Microsoft WORD, Adobe PDF, or JPG format) of their completed application package before due date. Hardcopy submissions are no longer accepted for this program.

The application package is submitted at the same time as the student's CSU Biotechnology Symposium poster abstract, using the process described here. Contact CSUPERB at the information listed at the bottom of this webpage before the deadline if you have any problems with the web pages or the electronic submission process.

Application Instructions

Please refer to the 2015 Request for Applications (RFA) for complete program eligibility, requirements and application review criteria before drafting your application package!

CSU undergraduate student applicants must be nominated by a CSU faculty member. Only complete nominations will be considered. A complete application package consists of all of the following:

  • The signed Nagel Award Cover Page (.doc). Enter correct spelling for email addresses carefully. CSUPERB will contact student applicants and faculty advisors by email only during application process.
  • A Poster Abstract as submitted to the CSU Annual Biotechnology Symposium. The research project presented must be original. Literature reviews are not acceptable as the entire project.  The research presented must be biotechnology related. Please note that CSUPERB welcomes and encourages applications from CSU students in all disciplines related to the current practice of biotechnology (see Biotechnology Industry Facts), including but not limited to life sciences, physical sciences, clinical sciences, math and computer science, agricultural science, engineering, and/or business.
  • Faculty Advisor's Nomination Letter (limit 2 pages). The faculty member must write this letter on his/her campus letterhead and sign it. This letter should provide a fair and objective assessment of the student's academic and research abilities and record of student research excellence in biotechnology.
  • Student's Personal Essay (Limit 2 pages). Student applicants must submit an essay describing the impact of the research project (described in the poster abstract) will have on that specific research field, what "integrity in research" means to the applicant, what his/her career goals are, and how the research described in the poster abstract impacts those career goals. The essay should also give details about the national or international scientific meeting at which the applicant plans to present his/her research project results and explain why that meeting would be appropriate for the research presented.

Contact Information

For information about this program, please contact CSUPERB at (619) 594-2822 or by email.