Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research Award Recipients

2015 Nage Award Winner Alex Burtea (with Sandra Sharp and Greta Nagel)

Ms. Rachel Flores, CSU Long Beach (mentor: Brian Livingston) - 2016 Nagel Undergraduate Student Research Award Winner
Research Project Summary: The National Science Foundation (NSF)-supported Livingston lab studies the evolutionary biology and biochemistry underlying the formation of biomineralized skeletons found in sea creatures like sea urchins and brittle stars. Ms. Flores used biochemical and bioinformatic methods to identify proteins associated with biomineralization. She traveled to Misaki Marine Biological Station in Japan last summer to take a short course with an international group of scientists.

Awardee Campus Year
Rachel Flores Long Beach 2016
Ashley Chui Fullerton 2015
Rodolfo Flores Long Beach 2014
Alexander Burtea Fullerton 2013
Behrod Katebian Northridge 2012
Florante Ricarte Long Beach 2011
Michael Berriman Fullerton 2010
Jeffrey Evans Fullerton 2009
Jacob Gonzalez Fullerton 2008
José Corleto Fullerton 2007
Veleka Boyd San Diego 2006
Cynthia Holsclaw San Francisco 2005
Jimmy Hernandez Fullerton 2004