Howell-CSUPERB Scholars Award Program

Submission Information

HOWELL-CSUPERB APPLICATION FORM: Click this link for application form

CSYou SUBMISSION FORM: Click this link to submit application

The complete application package must be submitted electronically using CSUPERB's CSYou submission form (above), in either Microsoft WORD or Adobe PDF format by the faculty mentor before the deadline. Faculty mentors will log into the CSYou form using their campus ID/username and password.

The complete application package includes:

  1. Completed and signed 2016 Howell-CSUPERB application form
  2. Faculty mentor's letter of recommendation (on campus letterhead)
  3. Faculty mentor's short CV, and
  4. Student's transcript (unofficial transcripts are acceptable).

Please note that page 1 of the application requires student and departmental signatures so plan ahead! Applicants can submit a scanned image of page 1, including signatures, as part of the application package.

Faculty Mentor's Letter of Recommendation If more than one student is applying from the same lab, the faculty member is asked to rank the students relative to each other.

If you have any problems submitting your nomination package, contact CSUPERB before the deadline at (619) 594-2822 or csuperb@mail.sdsu.edu.

Contact Information

For questions regarding submission process and application forms, please contact:

(619) 594-2822

For information about this program and RFA, contact either:

Susan Baxter
Executive Director, CSUPERB
(619) 594-2822


James Schmitt
Program Administrator, CSUPERB
(619) 594-5299