About the Howell-CSUPERB Research Scholars Award

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2017 RFA Release: September, 2016
Application Due Date: To be announced
Award Amount: $3500

Program Description

CSUPERB partners with the Doris A. Howell Foundation for Women's Health Research to fund promising undergraduate student research projects in topics related to women's health. Together the Howell Foundation and CSUPERB recognize that research experience is critical to engaging, retaining and graduating students interested in careers in women's health.

We encourage CSU faculty to identify students who show great promise as researchers and encourage them to apply for this program.

The great majority of Howell-CSUPERB scholars graduate and go on to apply successfully for graduate degree programs and industry jobs. To get an idea of the range of previously funded projects, see the CSUPERB award database.

History of the Howell-CSUPERB Research Scholars Program

Soroptimist International of La Jolla, a women's community service organization, has been strongly supportive of research pertaining to women's health. The members aim to foster the development of young investigators (male or female) who might pursue careers in this field. Their interest in this area encompasses all areas related to women's health, including biological, medical, and cross-disciplinary topics. The organization is particularly interested in providing encouragement and financial assistance to young people with these research interests. In 1996, the Soroptimists, in concert with the non-profit Doris A. Howell Foundation for Women's Health Research, began sponsoring a program to annually fund promising student research projects in topics related to women's health. In 2000 the Doris A. Howell Foundation for Women’s Health Research began making awards to CSU undergraduates. Each year CSUPERB matches donations from the Howell Foundation to fund student researchers.

Application Submission Information

See the 2016 Request for Applications (RFA) (.pdf) as an example of complete review and eligibility criteria. Submit applications using the current application form and instructions which are available on the Submission Information page.

Funds Administration

The full amount of the award will be provided as a student scholarship which may be used for living expenses, tuition, fees, books or other allowable academic expenses as defined by the student’s campus office of financial aid/scholarship.

Special Note: Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with their campus financial aid office prior to applying to CSUPERB to determine the potential impact of these awards and grants to other forms of compensation provided through their university, including financial aid. Portions of awards paid directly to students will be processed through campus financial aid offices. Please be advised that receiving and accepting a CSUPERB award could lead to a decrease in other forms of financial assistance. Ordinarily, adjustments (if any) are made to loans first before other grants or scholarships. Award recipients should contact their campus financial aid office to determine how the award may affect their total financial aid package. Because of Internal Revenue Service and other requirements, campuses may also consult with accounting, human resources and international programs staff to determine appropriate method of payment and any tax withholding requirements. Award Recipients should consult with a tax professional regarding tax liability resulting from any award.

Please note that no indirect costs are allowed.

Post-Award Reporting

Howell-CSUPERB Research Scholars are required to submit a final online report within 30 days of their project completion. Reporting helps document project progress, impact of the program and justify continuation.

2015 Scholars must submit final reports using SurveyMonkey, an online survey tool. Please be prepared to complete the survey in one session. You may want to consider answering the survey questions offline in a document on your computer, and then enter them into the SurveyMonkey webforms by cutting and pasting. If your computer or web connection shuts down before you complete the survey your results will be lost.

Howell-CSUPERB Research Scholars and their mentors may have opportunities to present their research at Doris A. Howell Foundation meetings in La Jolla, California. CSUPERB will provide funds to cover necessary travel expenses, if invited.

Contact Information

For questions regarding this program, contact CSUPERB at (619) 594-2822 or by email.