Faculty Research Award Recipients

Faculty Research Award Winners (2013)

The 2014 CSUPERB Faculty Research Award went to Dr. Mamta Rawat, a biology professor at CSU Fresno. Dr. Rawat was recognized for her excellent research track record and her efforts to incorporate her research and evidence-based approaches into her classroom teaching practice, for which she was also named a National Academies Education Fellow in the Life Sciences. Dr. Rawat gave a talk at the 26th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium on thiol biosynthetic pathways. Left to right: Alejandro Calderon-Urrea (CSU Fresno), Susan Elrod (Dean, College of Science and Mathematics, CSU Fresno), Shirley Kovacs (CSU Fresno), Dr. Rawat, Dr. Jill Adler-Moore (Cal Poly Pomona and Chair of the 2014 Award Selection Committee and Susan Baxter (CSUPERB).

Awardee Campus Year
Mamta Rawat Fresno 2014
Christopher Kitts San Luis Obispo 2013
Feimeng Zhou Los Angeles 2012
Sep Eskandari Pomona 2011
Anca Segall San Diego 2010
Laura Burrus San Francisco 2009
Nancy McQueen Los Angeles 2008
Frank Gomez Los Angeles 2007
Roger Sabbadini San Diego 2006
Jill Adler-Moore Pomona 2005
Chris Meyer Fullerton 2004
Skaidrite Krisans San Diego 2003
Marcelo Tolmasky Fullerton 2002
Chris Glembotski San Diego 2001
Robert Koch Fullerton 2000
Jeff Cohlberg Long Beach 1999
Don Eden San Francisco 1998
Stephen Benson East Bay 1997
Sanford Bernstein San Diego 1996
Al Goldstein Los Angeles 1995
Maria Linder Fullerton 1994
Raul Cano San Luis Obispo 1993
Judith Zyskind San Diego 1992
Barry Rothman San Francisco 1991