Past Andreoli Faculty Service Award Awardees

2014 Andreoli Award Winner Dr. Betsy Read
Dr. Read, Professor of Biological Sciences, CSU San Marcos, received the 2014 Andreoli Award for her “powerful influence in recruiting students into biotechnology” and her dedication to student training and high-impact educational practices. She led the design and creation of an undergraduate biotechnology degree program and was the primary faculty advocate for the biotechnology Professional Science Masters program at CSU San Marcos. Left to right: Michael Goldman (San Francisco State University & CSUPERB Strategic Planning Council Chair), Dr. Read, Katherine Kantardjieff (Dean, College of Science and Mathematics, CSU San Marcos) and Bianca Mothe (Biological Sciences, CSU San Marcos).
Awardee Campus Year
Betsy Read San Marcos 2014
James Ritchey Sacramento 2013
William Tong San Diego 2012
Howard Xu Los Angeles 2011
Robert Koch Fullerton 2010
Katherine Kantardjieff Fullerton 2009
Alejandro Calderon-Urrea Fresno 2008
Ching-Hua Wang Channel Islands 2007
Jacob Varkey Humboldt 2006
Sandra Sharp Los Angeles 2005
Chris Brinegar San José 2004
Frank Bayliss San Francisco 2003
Shirley Kovacs Fresno 2002
Bruce Weber Fullerton 2001
Joseph Bragin Los Angeles 2000
Don Short San Diego 1999
Crellin Pauling San Francisco 1998
Carlos Gutierrez Los Angeles 1997
Glenn Nagel Fullerton 1996
Pam Stacks San José 1995
Jill Adler-Moore Pomona 1994
Marvin Rosenberg Fullerton 1993
Anthony Andreoli Los Angeles 1992