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Vol. 11, No. 1, January 12, 2012

CSU Trains Next Generation of Scientists

CSU Trains Next Generation of ScientistsScientific innovation has produced roughly half of all U.S. economic growth in the last 50 years, and the California State University has made it a priority to provide a well-rounded education for the next generation of scientists. Offering a wide variety of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the CSU aims to prepare students for science-related careers through hands-on learning with laboratory and field experiences, faculty mentorship and in-depth theoretical learning in seminar classes. More.

CSU Firsts in Scientific Discovery

CSU Firsts in Scientific DiscoveryExtensive research is behind every scientific discovery, and the CSU has created an environment where faculty and students can expand their skill set and make a difference in scientific research. With facilities filled with state-of-the-art equipment, CSU faculty have been able to make strides in the realm of science, such as developing novel approaches to disease treatments, providing in-depth insight about natural disasters and helping NASA discover new planets.

From CSUN’s DNA Sequencing Facility and Cal State East Bay’s Bay Area Regional Biotechnology Center to Fresno State’s Geosciences METRO Center and Humboldt State’s Marine Wildlife Care Center, the CSU maintains centers and facilities that encourage scientific innovation. More.

Strengthening Youth Education in STEM

The School Robotics Initiative at Cal Poly PomonaThe California State University is committed to improving the nation’s competiveness in science and technology by preparing K-12 teachers who are competent in science and mathematics and educating youngsters about STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines.

As the largest producer of mathematics and science teachers in California, CSU prepares nearly one-half of new teachers in these fields. More.

Growing California's Stem Cell Research Workforce

In support of California’s mission to excel as a pioneer in the rapidly expanding field of stem cell biology, CSU is instituting programs to train the next generation of stem cell scientists. Funded by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), the Bridges to Stem Cell Research Training Program allows students to implement research in novel therapeutic approaches to human disease through practical laboratory training experience. More.

CSU Biotechnology Showcased in the Silicon Valley

Commander Victoria Vachon, a uniformed member of the US Public Health Service, discusses her career in a variety of federal agencies that protect the nation's health. More than 600 researchers, mentors, students and faculty from across the California State University system came together this month to showcase CSU excellence in the sciences and technologies that comprise biotechnology. The Twenty-Fourth Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium provided a chance for participants to share knowledge and build relationships. More.

In the news

SDSU Discovers New Class of Planetary Systems

SDSU Discovers New Class of Planetary Systems

Using data from NASA’s Kepler Mission, San Diego State University astronomers announced the discovery of two new transiting “circumbinary” planet systems — planets that orbit two stars. More.

SSU Gives Math Education a Makeover in Regional Schools

Sonoma State received a $250,000 grant to implement new Common Core Standards, providing new math education approaches to K-12 teachers. More.

SF State Professor Spots Deadly Fly Parasite in Bees

San Francisco State Professor of Biology John Hafernik has found a possible explanation for the collapse of honey bee colonies all around the world: a parasitic fly that lays eggs in bees’ bodies causing them to abandon their hives and die. More.

Cal Poly Campuses Collaborate on Aerial Robotics Research

Students at Cal Poly Pomona and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo are joining forces on a project to advance aerial robotics technology. More.

CSUF Geology Student Wins Paleo Award

Pedro M. Monarrez, a Cal State Fullerton geology graduate student, has been honored by the Paleontological Society (international organization devoted to the advancement of paleontological research) for his research on global mass extinction. More.



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