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Vol. 11, No. 5, March 13, 2012

CSU Sustaining the Green Workforce

CSU Sustaining the Green WorkforceAs California takes strides toward reducing its carbon footprint, jobs in the green sector are rapidly increasing. From 1995 to 2008, core green economy employment in California grew 36 percent. This is almost triple California’s total employment growth over the same period, only 13 percent.

The CSU is helping shape sustainability experts that will serve as leaders in the green workforce by offering classes that integrate the concepts of environmental protection, social equity and economic viability. More.

Saving Water for Tomorrow’s Future

Saving Water for Tomorrow's FutureDid you know that 25 percent of the water that goes into growing food is wasted? Or that it takes 37 gallons of water to make a cup of coffee, 634 gallons of water to make a hamburger and 1,800 gallons of water to make a pair of jeans? Or that one day of electricity at home uses about five gallons of water? There is an incredible amount of hidden water used to produce the food we eat and the items we consume. Consequently, about 2.7 billion people are affected by global water shortages each year.

Water is a scarce resource, and the CSU system and its campuses have been implementing measures to conserve water and reduce consumption. More.

Keeping it Green in Dining Halls

Keeping it Green in Dining HallsSalad bars are no longer the only way students can get their daily dose of green in their dorm experience. Dining halls around CSU campuses are turning into healthy, fresh and eco-friendly hubs of sustainable eating and green education.

How food is purchased, how waste is managed and how food is served is taken into consideration when developing sustainable techniques. Campuses are transforming their food services by buying/growing local and organic ingredients, going tray-free to save energy and water, using biodegradable and minimal packaging, composting waste and much more. More.

The CSU Commitment to Sustainability Blog

Featured Post:
Seven Conferences and Counting

Seven Conferences and Counting

See how students are working toward a greener future at the largest student-run sustainability conference in North America—Chico State’s This Way to Sustainability VII Conference.

Tips to Stay Green

*Buy more local and organic products. Local food means less fossil fuel expended.

*When buying cleaning products, purchase products that are labeled green.

*Walk or ride your bike instead of driving.

*Don't water your garden during the peak hours of sunlight; instead do it in the morning or at night.

*Plant native drought tolerant plants.

*Buy fluorescent light bulbs.

*Use re-usable water bottles.

*Enable your computer to go into sleep mode.

*Don't leave your computer on all night.

*Use the natural light from your window instead of turning on the lights.




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