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Vol. 11, No. 8, April 5, 2012

Growing a Sustainable Vineyard

Growing a Sustainable Vineyard Through its sustainable vineyards and programs dedicated to wine production, the California State University is helping the nation maintain its title as America’s top wine producer. Winegrowing at Fresno State, Sonoma State, Cal Poly Pomona and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo helps contribute to California’s $18.5 billion retail value in wine sales in the United States. More.

A Look at Our Polytechnic Universities

A Look at Our Polytechnic Universities

With a heavy emphasis on applying theory to practice, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly Pomona have integrated a “learn by doing” philosophy to all aspects of it curriculum and are at the forefront of producing skilled professionals that will help grow the agriculture industry. More.

Student Stewardship in Sustainability

Degradation of the ozone layer. Global warming. World-wide water shortage. Increased landfill waste.

Student Stewardship in SustainabilityThrough university outreach, classes and programs, California State University students are becoming more educated on the environmental issues that are plaguing our planet and are spearheading efforts to save the Earth.

CSU students have taken efforts to unite, connect and empower fellow students to help encourage their campuses and communities to adopt a greener lifestyle. Educating more than 427,000 students, the CSU provides students the resources they need to create sustainability-focused organizations striving to reduce the world’s ecological footprint. With guidance from green-minded faculty, enthusiasm from staff members and educational resources at their fingertips, students have piloted sustainability projects and groups. More.

Sustainability with Substance

Thanks to dedicated urban planners, California’s communities are becoming more sustainable. Planners are the masterminds behind the facets of daily life: our parks, gardens, bike lanes, water regulations, building codes, and even daily commutes. A CSU education ignited this dedication for many of the state's urban planners. For them, sustainability is not just a state of mind—it’s the planning, process and practice that’s positioning the Golden state as a “green” state. More.


In the news

Two CSU Students Named Udall Scholars

San Diego State student Shannon Clark and Sonoma State student Ingrid Stearns are among the 2012 Udall Scholars, which awards scholarships for commitment to careers related to the environment, tribal public policy and Native American health care. More.

CSUSB to Host EcoFest April 6

California State University, San Bernardino will host EcoFest—a day of fun and education to raise public awareness about the many facets of earth-friendly, sustainable living—on Friday, April 6, from noon to 10 p.m. More.

CSUMB Dons Regalia Made from Recycled Bottles

CSU Monterey Bay’s 2012 graduates will be wearing earth-friendly gowns, where the fabric is derived from plastic bottles. More.

Cal Poly Places Third in Shell Eco Marathon

The Cal Poly Supermileage Team’s ultra high-mileage, three-wheeled car (receiving 2,752 MPG) placed third in the Shell Eco-Marathon student competition. More.

SDSU Brings Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Campus

Owners of electric cars can now charge their vehicles on campus, thanks to a partnership between San Diego State University and ECOtality, a company that manages electric transportation and storage technologies. More.

The CSU Commitment to Sustainability Blog

Featured Post:
Mean Green and Eco Green

CSU campuses have made a case for sustainability that demonstrates good financial sense and ultimately provides more resources for students.


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