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Vol. 11, No. 4, February 23, 2012

CSU Exploring the Unexplored

CSU Exploring the UnexploredOffering nearly 4,000 total degree programs, the CSU allows students to explore the different realms of industries such as life science, biology, oceanography, botany, chemistry, archeology and geology. In addition to having degree options in niche professions like watershed management, fisheries biology and forestry, the CSU maintains classes that give students a well-rounded education in all aspects of science.

Through executing research, experimenting in the field, working with the local science community and participating in science-based organizations, CSU faculty bring ample experience to their classes. More.

CSU Coastal Science Fellows Serving California

CSU Coastal Science Fellows Serving California

Four California State University graduate students and recent graduates were inducted into the 2011-2012 California Sea Grant State Fellowship Program, where they will explore marine issues, environmental quality and resource management. More.

Engineering Tomorrow’s Leaders

Engineering Tomorrow’s LeadersAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, engineers held more than 1.6 million jobs in 2010, with starting salaries among the highest of all college graduates. With a bachelor’s degree required for most entry-level positions in engineering, the California State University has made it a priority to offer a multitude of engineering degrees with options including civil, mechanical, industrial, electrical, aerospace, computer, marine and chemical.

Graduating 45 percent of the state’s engineering and information technology majors, the CSU is a vital contributor to the engineering and technical disciplines. The system has made a concerted effort to prepare and inspire students to be proficient in technology and engineering fields. More.

In the news

Cal Poly Honored by White House as a Top School for Engineering

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo was honored by President Barack Obama as a leading school in the retention and graduation of engineering students. More.

Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Donation Modernizes Engineering Lab

Cal Poly Pomona's College of Engineering has dedicated one of its labs in honor of alumnus Martin Colombatto and his family, who provided new equipment through a $100,000 donation. More.

CSU Channel Islands Announces STEM Center Grand Opening

CSU Channel Islands has launched the STEM Center designed to encourage and support students of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. More.

San Diego State Astronomer Confirms Nova Eruption

SDSU astronomy professor Allen Shafter helped discover a rare recurrent nova on the same binary star system first seen by famed astronomer Edwin Hubble. More.

Science & the CSU

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