Contract Services and Procurement

Procurement Policy

The CSU Chancellor’s Office Contract Services & Procurement Department is responsible for acquisition of all supplies, equipment, and services for the Chancellor’s Office. This department is the only office that has the authority to commit purchases and contracts on behalf of the Chancellor’s Office. No legal commitment of State funds exists without the authority of Procurement & Contract Services.

The CSU Chancellor’s Office WILL NOT be responsible for purchases or other commitments made by individuals who do not have a CSU-authorized purchase order or contract number. Please do not release merchandise without a purchase order number or perform services without a contract number or fully executed contract.

If assistance is provided to a department in developing bid specifications, designs, layouts, etc., please be aware that it will not guarantee a sale or contract. Award of an order or contract will be made to the lowest responsible bidder meeting specifications. All specifications will be carefully reviewed by Contract Services & Procurement to eliminate undue restrictions that would limit competition.

It is the objective of the CSU Chancellor’s Office to obtain high quality products and services at the best possible price. The highest ethical principles are followed by employees involved in the procurement process. Under no circumstance may vendor/contractor gifts or gratuities be offered in an effort to influence an award.