Commitment to Sustainability

Student-Led Initiatives

Green Campus Program

Alliance to Save Energy

Green Campus Program
The Green Campus Program is a student-led initiative that promotes energy efficiency outreach through educational campaigns. Green Campus Interns work with CSU staff on their campus to research and implement energy efficiency best practices and facilitation of retrofits. These efforts include lighting equipment and usage surveys, laboratory energy assessments and student housing energy conservation competitions. The program is cooperatively funded by the Alliance to Save Energy and California utility companies.

Eight campuses currently host Green Campus Interns:

Student-Funded Sustainability Efforts
The students of three universities have instituted energy efficiency and sustainability programs paid for from student fees.

Each Chico State student pays $10 per semester to fund energy projects, the annual This Way to Sustainability Conference, and the salaries of the sustainability coordinator and interns.

Humboldt State students pay $10 per semester to the HSU Energy Independence Fund for energy efficiency projects on campus. The savings are paid back to the fund and reinvested in later energy projects.

Last Updated: February 14, 2018