CPDC Executive

2010-11 Program Offerings

Program Title


Date and Time

New Building Codes / CSU Building Official

SFSU Downtown

September 15, 2010

CSU Environmental Review - Master Planning and Capital Projects

Chancellor's Office

November 4, 2010

Energy Project Implementation - A Two-Day Training

  • New Energy Project Delivery Process
    - a Preview of the Program
  • Renewable Energy Projects

SFSU Downtown

December 8, 2010

December 9, 2010

Law of Design and Construction

Chancellor's Office

February 23, 2011

Construction Management: Hot Topics for Today's CSU Construction Community

Chancellor's Office

February 24, 2011

Space and Facilities Database

Chancellor's Office

April 14, 2011

Plant Directors and HR Directors



Reporting on Tax-Exempt Bond Funded Facilities

Chancellor's Office via Eluminate