CPDC Architecture & Engineering

Regulatory Approvals

Other Regulatory Approvals
The following regulation Titles focus on construction activities and building operations, but tangentially impact design services as well.

Approvals of Changes to Previously Approved Plans
Every proposed change to approved plans requires a ‘Code Approval’ by the CDBO. For each change order proposal the CDBO, or a specifically appointed designee (typically project IOR’s), makes an individual determination on code impact. If none is found, the Change Order work is stamped “code Approved’ and proceeds per the Change Order process.

If code impact is present, the CDBO reviews and as necessary directs the routing of the proposed change to the appropriate outside approving agencies and then monitors for their approval of the proposed change. Once all approvals are obtained the CDBO stamps the proposed change order work “Code Approved’.

During this review period, on the assumption that the proposed work will proceed, the campus project manager in consultation with the contractor, is responsible to evaluate and make a determination on how far the proposed Change Order work can prudently proceed at risk in advance of a ‘code’ approval. This determination balances the ‘time-is-of –the-essence’ imperative of the project against the requirement to secure approval of the change, inspect the work, and confirm that it is completed according to approved documents.