CPDC Architecture & Engineering

Obtaining Project Reviews and Approval

The Campus Deputy Building Official (CDBO) is the campus go-to person for identification and management of each individual campus project ‘code approval’. The following determinations must be addressed for each project. Once all required approvals are secured and Approval to Proceed to Bid form is issued by the CDBO. Effectively this form acts as a CSU ‘Building Permit’.

CBSC Appendix Chapter 1, Administration, Section 103-Department of Building Safety and Section 104-Duties and Powers of Building Official, have been adopted as policy under SUAM Section XI. The above is provided as a summary of requirements. See these Sections for full wording.

Approvals Required for All Construction

While Seismic and Mechanical Peer Reviews are required for all construction, campus determinations may be substituted for outside peer reviews on projects below $400,000 in construction value. See sub-sections for more information.

Outside Agency Approvals