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Mechanical Systems Review

A Mechanical Systems Review (MSR) is required for all major capital projects both state and non-state funded within the CSU System.

Campuses may select any Mechanical Review Board (MRB) member to perform the project MSR. While the MSR is provided as an advisory to the campus MSR letters of concurrence are required during the schematic and the construction document phases of the design. To gain full benefit of this review, campuses are encouraged to consider the campus selected MRB reviewer as an extension of their staff.

MSR Master Enabling Agreements (MEAs) have been fully executed. Terms and conditions, including specific services fees, have been pre-established in these base agreements. These agreements have been provided for reference only. The actual executed agreements are on file at the Office of the Chancellor.

To authorize services under these agreements, the campus needs only to execute a Service Order and Authorization to Proceed (Exhibit C) for the appropriate firm.

Click the following link for the Mechanical System Review Agreements

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