CPDC Architecture & Engineering

State Fire Marshal (SFM) Review

SFM review and approval is required for all CSU construction and renovation projects (This is anything on a CSU campus).

In general, SFM approval entails a plan review followed by periodic SFM field inspections, concluding with issuance of a SFM Certificate of Occupancy (C of O). For renovation work where the original C of O remains in place a SFM Notice of Acceptance for the supplemental work is issued.

CSU Phased Approval Criteria for Major Projects
A CSU/SFM process designed to streamline the review and approval of major projects

Triage List (applicable to all projects)
EACH CSU submittal to SFM needs to be approval-ready! Did you stamp and sign the submittal plans? Your Project Code Review will look different than a civil-site-utilities submittal. Clearly identify what you are submitting for.

Over the Counter SFM Reviews
If you can get it done in 30 minutes SFM is set up to review and approve over the counter.

CSU Projects - SFM Review Checklist Guideline
An informal checklist that SFM uses to plan and check CSU projects.

SFM Fire and Life Safety Division – Plan Review
Detailed SFM plan review submittal requirements

SFM Fire and Explosion Reporting
Link for 24/7 timely SFM incident reporting

Accessing SFM Services

All CSU SFM services are coordinated through the SFM Sacramento Headquarters Office

State of California – Office of the State Fire Marshal

1131 “S” Street
Sacramento, CA  95811
General Information: (916) 445-8550
Plan Review: (916) 324-3783
Fax: (916) 324-3784