CPDC Architecture & Engineering


Building commissioning is required for all new construction over 10,000SF per the California Building Code. By policy, the California State University expands this requirement to new and renovation construction of $3,000,000 or greater in construction costs.

Campuses are encouraged to coordinate commissioning policy requirements with CPDC CSU Office of the Chancellor Planners at the onset of each project.

Master Enabling Commissioning (Cx) and Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx) Agreements have been executed to support CSU commissioning efforts. Campuses may contract with any of the listed MEA firms through their respective MEA agreements. To authorize services under these agreements the campuses need only execute a Service order Authorization to proceed (SOA) for the selected firm. The actual executed MEA agreements are on file at the office of the Chancellor.

The MEA agreements shall not be taken as limiting provider choice! Campuses have the option and are encouraged to contract with any responsible commissioning service provider of their choice via Service Agreement. CSU recommends the use of the MEA Cx and MBCx scopes to facilitate this effort.

Systemwide Commissioning Master Enabling Agreements

Master Enabling Commissioning (Cx) Rider 1

Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx) Rider A-1