CPDC Architecture & Engineering

Authority and Work Requiring Approvals

Education Code 66606 grants the CSU full power and responsibility in the construction and development of its capital program. Health & Safety Code 18934.5 requires the CSU to follow the California Building Code (CBC), specifically the sections adopted by the Building Standards Commission. Section 102, within the code, empowers the CSU to act as its own building official.

The CSU is required to coordinate its building official authority with various state agencies in certain aspects, most notably the State Fire Marshal on exiting and fire life safety issues and with The Department of State Architect on access compliance issues. Other agencies have specific approval authority that may apply depending upon the characteristics of an individual CSU project. Notable examples include local county health department approval for food service operations, and the Division of Occupational Safety and Health for elevator approvals.

California Building Standards Commission

Work Requiring Approval
All CSU construction and renovation work requires formal, written building official approval prior to the erection, construction, reconstruction, installation, alteration or moving of any building or structure.

Changes, alteration, and repairs of a minor nature not affecting structural features, egress, sanitation, fire safety, or accessibility do not require a permit. Larger repair and maintenance operations may be given blanket approvals on an annual cycle. Coordinate both through the CDBO.