CPDC Architecture & Engineering

Access Compliance Review

All CSU construction requires access compliance review.

All CSU construction intended for use by the public with any reasonable availability to, or usage by, persons with disabilities, constructed in whole or in part by the use of state funds, requires access compliance review and certification by California Department of General Service, Division of the State Architect (DSA). This definition is intentionally broad. It includes roads, curbs, parking, sidewalks, plazas, athletic fields, signage, and buildings.

Access Compliance Small Projects and Hardship Exemption.

  • All CSU construction requires access compliance review. Small projects below a construction cost threshold may request a hardship review.

    Hardship Review:  CBC Chapter 2, Section 11B-202 contains a provision that allows for discretionary acceptance an ‘unreasonable hardship’  that may allow in certain cases the scope of small renovation works to exclude certain path of travel improvements external to the area of improvement. This has also been referred to as the ‘20% rule’. It a scoping determination that DSA may at its discretion allow on renovation projects that have a construction cost below a set valuation threshold (For 2015 the threshold is $147,863).  Renovation projects with construction costs above this amount are not eligible for hardship consideration.  A hardship consideration is also not applicable to new construction. All actual new construction must be CBC complaint.

The CDBO is the front-line campus resource to evaluate accessibly compliance approaches.

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