CPDC Architecture & Engineering

CSU Certificate of Occupancy

The State Fire Marshal Certificate of Occupancy is often the critical-path milestone for the occupancy of a project. The SFM Certificate of Occupancy, albeit important, is but one component of code compliance. Access compliance, DOSH permits, Health Department approvals, etc. must all be in place in order for project operations and occupancy to lawfully occur.

The CSU Building Official is the enforcing entity for CSU projects. Acting under this authority, each individual Campus Deputy Building Official (CDBO) has the responsibility to coordinate and confirm all required approvals at the campus level. Once this is complete the CDBO issues a CSU Certificate of Occupancy confirming code compliance.

To facilitate its code administration CSU has adopted as policy various sections of the CBC Scope and Administration Chapter.

CSU Code Compliance Accountability
Per Executive Order 666 the campus president is responsible for ensuring that campus physical development is in compliance with all applicable statutes and regulations and policies of the Board of Trustees.