CPDC Architecture & Engineering

Applying for Prequalification

2019/2020 CSU Architectural Prequalification Application


  • CSU Architectural Prequalification is a systemwide effort and is valid for all campuses. Individual campuses do not maintain individual prequalification programs.
  • Firms seeking architectural prequalification must be primarily providing architectural services. Other service providers, i.e., Structural, MEP, Civil Engineering firms, Land Planing, etc. are not subject to systemwide prequalification and therefore are not included in this systemwide architectural listing.
  • Prequalification is an annual requirement. Prequalification does not roll over into the next year.
  • The prequalification application is revised from year to year. A new application must be submitted each year.
  • Firms seeking prequalification must maintain an active office within the state of California.
  • All prequalified firms are eligible for any CSU project regardless of size, scope or whether self-ranked with a particular experience type.
  • Placement on the Architectural Prequalification Database does not guarantee work within the CSU system. It is the obligation of individual architectural firms to establish and maintain professional relationships with the individual campuses in seeking upcoming project commissions.
  • There is no application fee.