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A/E Continuing Education Opportunities

Formal lectures, courses, seminars, webinars, or any other similar type of educational program designed to educate an individual and give him or her further skills or knowledge to be applied in his or her line of work. These programs are intended to educate persons on new advancements, or to build upon a person’s expertise in a given field. These may be optional for some trades, but in other circumstances can be required to maintain status, certification, or licensure.

The CSU Facilities Management Institute (FMI) is the CSU's administrative framework for its planning, design and construction, and plant operations training program. The office of Capital Planning, Design and Construction manages the program. The CSU FMI is only available to CSU personnel and related auxiliary staff as its training programs address business practices that are specific to CSU. csyou.calstate.edu/Employee-Resources/training/facilities-management-institute

FMI training offered by the Architecture & Engineering Dept.

Navigating State Fire Marshal (SFM) Plan Review and Approvals:
CSU East Bay - Wednesday, May 3 2017, 8:30AM - 4:00 PM
CSU Fullerton - Wednesday, May 17, 8:30AM - 4:00PM

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AIACC Accessibility Course #aeck-A301: Accessibility 2015: Designing for All
View ADA and California's accessibility requirements in a larger Universal Design context. (Downloadable transcripts and valuable resource material included.)

Based on his firm’s innovative design for The Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, California, Bill Leddy, FAIA, LEED AP discusses how Universal Design profoundly influences us and our sense of confidence, comfort, and control. Bill deftly illustrates how accessible design must address different levels of mobility, vision and hearing, and different emotional, chemical and thermal tolerances. This course is presented in high definition video and is available on computers and most smart phones, tablets and mobile devices. (Video streaming might not be available on some Android devices.) Viewers can also download a course transcript and valuable resource material.
Source: www.aiacc.org



Get up to speed on the latest trends in sustainability and net-zero building design. These five courses explore the challenges and opportunities of going greener while you earn LUs, HSWs, GBCI credits, and more.

Net Positive Energy: Catalyzing a Carbon-Free Future

Earns 1 LU / HSW / RIBA
What impact have net-zero energy (NZE) buildings had on communities and on architectural firms? In this course you'll examine possibilities for a carbon-free future from different perspectives and learn how NZE capabilities can enhance your practice.

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The Details of Sustainable Homes

Earns 1 LU / HSW / GBCI / RIBA
This course will give you the "how" and "why" of key details for energy codes and green building. Learn how to assess products and services and improve actual efficiency and green value in your sustainable designs.

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Materials and Carbon Emissions

Earns 1 LU / HSW / GBCI / RIBA
Materials selection plays a crucial role in reducing the carbon footprint of a built environment. In this course you'll learn to chart the relationship between embodied carbon emissions and total building emissions, and reduce carbon emissions through material efficiency.

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Proving Grounds for Net-Zero Water Buildings and EcoDistricts

Earns 1 LU / HSW / RIBA
Net-zero water buildings and ecodistricts offer ways to improve the resilience of our nation's water infrastructure. Through two case studies, this course demonstrates the impact and cost-effectiveness of district water infrastructure and water reuse systems.

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Turning Existing Buildings into Net-Zero Wonders

Earns 1 LU / HSW / RIBA
When can existing buildings be transformed into net-zero structures, and when should they be demolished and rebuilt? In this course, you'll examine key factors-such as embodied energy, building properties, and market forces-that guide the decision-making process.

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Architectural Record
Architectural Record in collaboration with Dodge, ENR, Sweets, GreenSource have banded together to offer an excellent on-line Continuing Education program free for the asking. Selections are topical and new sessions are frequently added. There is a huge range of relevant topics. Sessions are 100% online. Time commitment is about 90 minutes per session. Listen closely, print the materials, take the test, get the credit. Highly recommended.

California Building Officials
Please take the opportunity to review the CALBO Training Institute Request a Course Form and Course List. There are many courses that you can request through CALBO that will benefit you and your staff. There are also dozens of courses offered at the 2016 CALBO Education Weeks.

DSA Academy – Upcoming Accessibility and CASp 101 Classes
Spaces are available in the Division of the State Architect (DSA) Academy's accessibility and CASp 101 classes! For more information about the class, learning objectives, and to register, click on the class title below. Additional dates and locations for 2017 DSA Academy classes are also posted online.

CASP 101


Green Technology Training
The Green California Summit marks is tenth anniversary in 2016. The last decade has brought changes and challenges to sustainability efforts in the Golden State, but it has also been an era of steady progress

Education sessions are led by expert practitioners who share their knowledge and successful actions. The Expo offers attendees another kind of educational experience - a chance for hands-on exposure to technologies and services that can play a critical role in the planning, design and execution of green projects.

Explore these pages for more information - and check back for ongoing updates between now and April.

GreenBuild University
Couldn't make it to Greenbuild this year? Missed one of the sessions at the show? Want to stay on top of industry-defining trends and ideas, including new LEED initiatives? We have you covered. Greenbuild University provides one-stop access to all of Greenbuild's educational sessions, seminars, and expert speakers, and access to online content - relating to all 5 LEED credit categories. On top of that, it offers a wide range of green-oriented content you won't find anywhere else!

Sustainable Design (USGBC-NCC)
This 3-course series, produced in partnership with USGBC-Northern California Chapter, provides an overview of net zero energy design including a case study of the first net zero energy classroom building in North America, reviews the Building Commissioning process and describes how to integrate building commissioning activities into building projects, and provides an overview of cost-effective HVAC, lighting, steam, and compressed air retrofit strategies to improve energy efficiency and minimize operational disruptions.

These courses are presented in high definition video and are available on computers and most smart phones, tablets and mobile devices. (Video streaming might not be available on some Android devices.)