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A/E Bulletins

Bulletins provide systemwide notice of updates and breaking information on CPDC A/E Policies and Procedures.

Reference Date Issued Document Subject
AE19-002 (.pdf) 04-02-2019 Limitation of Service Provider Contracts per CA Government Code 1090, Conflicts in Public Contracting and Procurement(.pdf)
AE19-001 (.pdf) 03-14-2019 2019 Code Cycle Adoption (.pdf)
AE18-002 R1 (.pdf) 04-02-2018 Office of State Fire Marshal New Permitting System; Digital Submission of Plan Review Application Through Govmotus Fire - Revision 1 (.pdf)
AE18-001 (.pdf) 03-26-2018 The California State University Maximum Floor Area Allowances per Occupant for Classrooms, Laboratories, and Flexible Laboratories (.pdf)
AE17-006 (.pdf) 06-21-2017 Updated Policy on Federal Energy Policy Act Tax Credits 179D (.pdf)
AE17-005 (.pdf) 06-21-2017 Active Shooter Barrier Locking Products (.pdf)
AE17-004 (.pdf) 05-15-2017 Inclusion of All-Gender Multi Compartment Toilet Room Facilities in CSU Facilities (.pdf)
AE17-003 (.pdf) 05-15-2017 Early Issuance of Code Analysis (.pdf)
AE17-001 (.pdf) 02-10-2017 The California State University All Gender Facilities (.pdf)
AE16-01 (.pdf) 01-11-2016 USGBC Membership 2016 (.pdf)
AE15-01 (.pdf) 03-06-2015 March 31, 2015 Energy Code Update (.pdf)
AE14-042 (.pdf) 09-30-2014 CSU as Building Official (.pdf)
AE14-041 (.pdf) 07-18-2014 USGBC Membership (.pdf)
AE14-040 (.pdf) 04-02-2014 CSU TIP Standards Fourth Edition (.pdf)
AE14-038 (.pdf) 01-01-2014 CSU Sustainability Policy
AE14-037 (.pdf) 01-01-2014 [NEW] 2013 CBC Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Revised CSU Policy on Exceeding Code Requirements (.pdf)
AE13-036 (.pdf) 12-09-2013 CSU Seismic Retrofit Priority Lists (.pdf)
AE13-035 (.pdf) 12-09-2013 AE Agreements Design Bid Award & CM@Risk Revisions Issued Rev. 10/28/13 (.pdf)
AE13-033 (.pdf) 07-23-2013 Seismic Review Board Emergency Response Protocol (.pdf)

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